7 Exciting GEW Events We Think You Shouldn’t Miss

Tamkeen Bahrain’s Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), a week dedicated to celebrate and unite entrepreneurs to…

Women Crisis Care International to Launch an App with SayG in 2020

The feminist in us is extremely proud to announce the signage of an application to…

5 skills Bahraini millennials need to pick up immediately before it’s too late!

Whether it’s the job market, the economy, or just millennials being millennials, one cannot deny…

What impact does Bahrain’s changing population have on your business?

If you’re anything like me, you are extremely conscious of the constant progress of time.…

Bahraini entrepreneurs, now is your time to celebrate success in the Kingdom’s highest award for entrepreneurship

Just in case you haven’t heard the BIG news yet, the Bahrain Award for Entrepreneurship…

Are you a Hustler? Here are 8 tips for Bahrainis to turn their hustle into a viable business

It is interesting to note, how an entrepreneur takes his/her first step into entrepreneurship while…


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