Shaffra unveils ground-breaking MaaS platform in the UAE to revolutionize business engagement and customer experiences

Press Release.

Shaffra, a Metaverse-as-a-Service company (MaaS) has entered the UAE market by unveiling its revolutionary platform ready to transform the way organizations engage with their customers and stakeholders. Using innovative new 3D technologies, Shaffra is introducing the next era of virtual experiences where users can interact and collaborate with each other and digital assets in real time.

Shaffra’s 3D engine is built around easing the process of entering the metaverse for everyone, particularly corporates and government agencies, by providing a cost-effective solution and a simple interface.  Government entities and Corporates can now build their own metaverse without having to go through the expensive and time consuming effort of creating a platform from scratch.

Shaffra’s solution revolutionizes the traditional ways of engaging with customers in a virtual space, and creates a higher quality of marketing in the Metaverse. We are already familiar with how some retailers enhance their customer reach by allowing them to virtually try out clothes, but with the increased 3D definition and immersive interface, the retail experience is now more personal and adaptive to user preferences. Tourism and hospitality will also be a major player in this space, as countries can now market their tourism experiences through virtual walkthroughs of major destinations and hot spots, allowing customers to map their journey before even beginning their journey.

According to a report by MarketsAndMarkets, the Metaverse industry is projected to grow from USD 61.8 billion in 2022 to USD 426.9 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 47.2% during the forecast period. Additionally, as per Gartner, by 2026 at least 25% of people will spend a minimum of one hour every day in the metaverse for different purposes like work, shopping, education, and even entertainment. With Shaffra’s launch companies and governments can both now capitalize on this burgeoning market and create a seamless, engaging virtual experience for their target audience.

The launch of Shaffra is in line with Dubai’s Metaverse Strategy, announced by the government in July 2022, which aims to contribute $4 billion to the economy, support 40,000 virtual jobs, and position the city as a global leader in the Metaverse industry. Capitalising on this announcement, a number of metaverse and related artificial intelligence companies are already initiating projects in the city, with blockchain related players also interested in building their regional base under this national Strategy. 

Alharith Alatawi, Co-Founder & CEO at Shaffra stated: “A Metaverse platform can offer significant benefits to businesses, but choosing the right partner is crucial to realize these benefits. At Shaffra, we built a powerful metaverse engine that offers all the capabilities and opportunities a client or business needs, easily viewable or deployed onto any type of device. This significantly reduces the overheads and cost a business would need to consider when planning their metaverse development.

Our platform empowers organizations to deliver a more engaging and memorable experience for their customers, employees, and partners. With a customized metaverse platform, organizations can not just reach new audiences but also increase engagement and offer new and exciting experiences while scaling their business and keeping operations cost-effective.”

Alfred Manasseh, Co-Founder & COO at Shaffra, commented: “As the competition in the market heats up, Shaffra’s MaaS platform offers a distinct advantage to organizations looking to enhance their offerings. Although the Metaverse is still in its infancy, the right technology and partner can help companies benefit from providing an immersive experience and increase their online presence. At Shaffra, we want to make the metaverse accessible and easy to use for everyone.”

With a strong technological foundation, featuring a powerful virtual and augmented reality environment and ready-to-deploy digital assets all secured on the blockchain network, Shaffra is set to be the platform where all industries including banking, tourism, media and entertainment, real estate, education, e-sports and gaming, automotive and even government agencies will create their virtual environments tailored to business needs and customer journeys.

“With the growth of NFTs globally and in the GCC region, our platform allows users to build, store and trade NFTs as well. With customizable virtual environments, real-time interactivity, and scalability and security, businesses of all sizes will enjoy a frictionless end-to-end Metaverse solution. Shaffra will be taking things a step further by launching improved technology by the end of the year to bring a gaming level 3D experience to the browser, further enhancing the Metaverse experience for users.” Manasseh further added.

For more information, visit their website.

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