Bahrain’s Juventus Academy is training the youth in more ways than one

Regarded as one of the top international academies, Juventus Academy Bahrain is the official training center and licensed partner of Juventus Football Club. (That J is pronounced as a Y for you football newbies!) The Juventus Academy project was founded to introduce and instill their ideals and techniques to as many children as possible, all the while focusing on having a great time! 

They combine coaching and development of football skills with educational training, guiding the young players throughout their journey, which is not exclusive to the realm of the sport itself. How fantastic is that? 

The Academy delivers sessions across two locations; Saar and RCSI Muharraq to boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 18 years old. (your kids are never too young to take up a sport!) They also offer men’s and women’s first team pathways as the founders of the first Academies competition, the Youth Development League. 

On top of that, they’re currently running the only women’s league in the Kingdom, while partnering with local schools to provide something extra for the children’s sports curriculum. They’re quite the busy bees!

Juventus prides itself on being able to provide a similarly enriching experience to their players as they would find back in their home base of Turin, through the Juventus technical and psychological models. The Academy supports the development of its players regardless of their skill level. 

“We focus on providing an educational approach using professional youth coaches, educators with the capacity to work with players of all levels.” They shared. And their motto? “Grow People Before Players”, where they prioritize the player’s self and wellness, placing it at the forefront of their development approach.

“Using the Juventus methodology, we promote the development of each individual; technical, tactical, physical, social and psychological skills.” They added. 

The player-centered method ensures meeting the needs of everyone as well as assessing, planning, and designing sessions around the curriculum to devise personalized player development plans for every child, so they proceed to grow in the best conditions and environment possible. While it’s conceivable that not every player will get the chance to become a professional footballer, it must be recognized that each child will go on to be an adult, and that makes the Academy’s position very integral in curating an environment full of resources and expertise to offer world-class coaching and personal growth that doesn’t revolve around football. 

“All of our coaches are tasked with finding the best avenue of learning for their classes, to work in cooperation with the short, medium, and long-term goals of the players themselves both on and off the field.” They’re always striving for the best for their players!

What makes the Academy truly stand out is the way they grow talents by using the official Juventus methodology. (Yes, that approach Juventus uses with its academy in Italy!) The unique SFERA psychological model ensures training replicates the conditions of the game, and by using this 3-tier system that caters to players of all ability levels, beginners can focus on building core individual skills in development groups and the more advanced players can head to more focused training.  

Bahrain’s Academy is only one of three Juventus Academies in the world that now have a pathway for the most elite players to be monitored directly by the academy coaches in Turin. No pressure, guys.

But of course, they don’t stop there. We asked the Academy about the sports technology they’re integrating within their training. “We’re looking to introduce various player analysis features to help our players progress. This includes our VEO camera and software, allowing us to record, clip and edit footage of player/team performances, as well PlayerTek and PlayerMaker used for GPS tracking tools.” They shared with us.

“At the end of each game, we can produce accurate heat maps, touch maps, and statistics as well as being able to visually support the growth of an individual, in turn creating the most holistic learning environment we can.”

They added that they’re currently developing a mobile application and a website that will integrate all the high-tech sports technologies to collect the players’ data and make them available with just one click! This is truly the best time to be alive, no? 

And if all that wasn’t enough to convince you, the Academy takes it upon themselves to arrange visits to Italy for their young players to meet the impressionable first team players, like the Saudi Arabia’s Academy recent trip to Turin for the girls team! 

Registering for the Academy could not get easier, all you have to do is contact them; be it a simple phone call on 3713 0107 or a single DM on their Instagram page. 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up your kids now for an opportunity to develop not just a sports skill, but also in an environment that will strengthen their identity and teach them valuable ideals such as teamwork, adaptability, and strategy! Let us know what you think, get in touch with us on our social media platforms through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you!

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