Laundry made simple with Bahrain’s latest tech startup, doobi! 

As we take further steps into the future that people dreamed would consist of flying cars and time machines, it’s fascinating to gauge just how many mundane tasks can turn into something you can accomplish pretty quickly and easily with just a few taps on your phone. Technology is amazing like that. 

doobi, which is a colloquial term in Bahrain for a laundromat, has taken a traditionally-common word to modernize it and showcase what a present-day laundromat can not only provide but add to the industry as a whole. doobi, yes the actual startup, started merely as an idea back in April 2021, but grew bigger when the team saw the need to reimagine the complexity surrounding the laundry industry and simplify it for everyone. Basically, not all heroes wear capes, sometimes they’re the ones busy washing them. 

doobi is an on-demand laundry service that re-imagines how we do laundry, by making it simple, affordable and convenient for everyone,” said Emad Koheji, the Co-Founder and CEO, “We provide a whole new experience when it comes to getting your laundry done, from our intuitive app that is easy to use, and our designated fun, colorful bag system based on the four services we provide.” 

What’s the doobi experience like, you might ask. Well, let’s break down the process from beginning to end.

  • Download the app: The easiest onboarding process, registering literally takes seconds!
  • Once you register on the app, you’ll receive your complimentary welcome kit: The kit is a pouch that contains all the bags you’d need to get started and an introductory card about doobi.
  • Choose your service: Whether its doobi Casuals, Delicates, Home or Press, they have a service for all your needs! You can even choose one of doobi’s unique scents (like Oud or Fresh), folding type or add a special note. Laundry gets real personal!
  • Here’s the fun part, fill up your doobi bags! They charge a fixed price per bag, so you’d never have to worry about the price you’ll pay. Another fun fact? doobi has mini bags to cater for your smaller loads. Convenient, right? 
  • Last but definitely not least, schedule your order: doobi picks up your items, and before you know it, your fresh and clean laundry will be there in no time! Doesn’t get simpler than this.

Standing out in a field that is mainly tended to personally inhouse must be hard, but doobi doesn’t have to worry considering the unique combination of their services that is too tempting to look away from. They are presenting the market with simplified, color-coded bag concepts, each indicating one of the aforementioned services. 

“The customers can add their items and our experts decide which ones need to be separated based on fabric color and material, the need for the items to be hand-washed, dry-cleaned or machine-washed,” Emad further explained, “whereas traditionally customers are provided a pricing based on each item of clothing, our pricing is based on our innovative bag system.” How cool is that? We’re full on heart-eyes right now!

Laundry meets innovation. 

doobi’s personalized laundromat experience for the customers includes special features like choosing a scent, the starch level, type of folding, and any other notes of consideration the customers have for their items. The application is user-friendly and very easy on the eyes, (don’t trust us? download it and give it a whirl!) you simply add your preferred-option of a colored-bag to the cart, schedule a pickup or delivery time with customized options (such as leaving your bag at the door), and even keep your eyes on the order as it comes back to you. 

A simple and innovative take on laundry, doobi is built around user experience. “We’ve reverse engineered the entire platform, from our app to the logistics team, CX, and marketing to focus solely on enhancing and simplifying our customer’s daily lives.” notes Emad, “We aim to be different in every aspect. Whether it’s our unique bag system or our intuitive application with customized special requests, we seek originality and simplicity in everything!” 

Nobody likes doing laundry, whether at home or through a laundromat. What distinguishes doobi is not just how much they care about their customers’ happiness, but also their approach to it. In focusing on the paint points people face when doing laundry and building a service to address them, doobi has a competitive advantage.

Emad shared, “We want to get your laundry done simply but also add a flair of fun to it. We want people to have an enjoyable experience when it comes to laundry, and this is what we’re all about. doobi is meant to be dependable, fun, playful and always has a positive impact on your day.” How lovely!

doobi is an excited baby taking its first steps and we’re cheering with a lot of enthusiasm, but we had to pose an important question: What does the future look like for such an aspiring, innovative startup?  

We believe that this industry needs to be simplified and modernized. With that vision in mind, doobi will be the new standard for doing laundry.” Emad stated, “We leverage the potential of our world class proprietary tech to enable us to scale across regions seamlessly. We envision a future where regardless of our customers’ whereabouts, be it in Bahrain, Egypt, Istanbul, Singapore or anywhere else– they all experience the same exact doobi and feel the same confidence and pleasure after receiving their orders.” We’ll be around to cheer you on then too! 


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, doobi proves to be further outstanding by partaking in a collaborative initiative with Alsanabel Orphan Care Society, where doobi customers have the choice to fill up any bag with clothes to donate.  They have also recently included support for recyclable items, so there’s an option to fill up a bag with plastic waste, such as used water bottles, to make the environment even safer! A little birdie told us all proceeds of their biodegradable doobi bags are also donated.  

A Scrub of Wisdom. 

For such a passionate and goal-oriented startup, we had to ask them for advice to pass onto aspiring entrepreneurs. “Always dream big, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Following this principle is what pushed us to start doobi, encouraged its success and will continue to be the driving force behind our innovation.” shared Emad. 

Well, what are you waiting for? Download doobi now on App Store or Google Play and get that first taste of a burdensome task done simpler and easier! Let us know what you think, get in touch with us on our social media platforms through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you!

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