Valentine’s Day gifts are better than ever with these 9 Bahraini shops

It’s almost February and you know what that means. Get ready to see red heart-shape pillows, red teddy bears, red flowers, and pretty much all-red-everything as people around the world prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th with their loved ones. 

And what comes with Valentine’s Day? Gifts! Gift shopping can sometimes be very difficult, making typical gifts expected, But do you really want to go with that cheesy traditional route? 

We thought not, that’s why we compiled a list of Bahraini shops’ recommendations to select from to have the most thoughtful gift.

  1. Grid Pin

We know, pins are an unusual thing to gift, but hear us out: Wouldn’t it be absolutely adorable if you made custom pins that have a symbolic meaning for you and your partner? It’s hands-down too cute. You get to do that with Grid Pin; an online Bahraini pins shop by two young Bahraini women: Rajaa Ahmed & Sara Alrassam!

All you have to do is go to their website, click on the customised orders section, then answer the questions given and place your order. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy! 

Extra sweet news: by the time this article is published, Grind Pin have officially launched their physical store located in Ishbilia Center, now offering stationary, gifts, and beautifully detailed items. Congratulations in advance!

  1. Zainab Alsabba Art Pieces

Architect and conceptual artist Zainab Alsabba is quite popular in Bahrain for her art pieces, and if you’re as nearly in love with the thought behind each piece as we are, you’ll be even more rejoiced to know that you can purchase some of those pieces and decorate your living room or office, you name it!

Dedicate a good hour of concentration to spend on her Instagram account, you’ll fall more & more in love with the complex beauty of meaning; even more so with the brilliant mind that creates it.

  1. Heaven Sent 

You know what makes Heaven Sent so heavenly? It’s the fact that it’s a vegan, AND cruelty free BAHRAINI makeup brand Co-Founded by Farah Toorani & Abdulmajeed Alqassimi, with Ali Alaali as their cosmetics’ formulator.

While makeup is a bit tough to gift, because you really need to know the other person’s taste, if you’re gonna go for it, then Heaven Sent would definitely add a wide smile to your giftee.

You can gift them the lipsticks that suits them the most from their currently available tubes, they’re called Pixie, Ever Glow, Night At the Gala, and Blood Moon. They also come in packages!

Fun fact: Heaven Sent participated in Startup MGZN’s startup competition as a part of Startup Workshops 2! 

  1. Popcorn Nose Art

No, this store doesn’t sell popcorn. Or noses. Or popcorn noses. But the owner, Sara, does the most incredible customized digital portraits like you have never seen before, and for a very reasonable price. Even more so, she’s providing a Valentine’s Day offer for custom couple’s portraits!

There are different types of artworks, check out her Instagram account and select the one that speaks to you the most. It’s a very easy process: DM Sara for booking, choose a cute pic of you and your boo and send it to her, payment is through BenefitPay or Paypal, and you’ll get your artwork in one day. 

  1.  Mnwain Clothing 

Valentine’s Day is in February, which is still relatively cold where we are (Bah-to-the-rain), meaning you can always make use of hoodies. Maybe you could get some cute ones while also supporting a local brand? Yeah?

Meet Mnwain Clothing, it’s a local brand that brings you a wide range of not just customized hoodies, but also unisex T-shirts, and caps. If you’re feeling like carrying a boombox over your shoulders and sharing how you feel to your partner, a customized hoodie with perhaps some romantic song lyrics can perhaps be a better choice.

  1. Therapy Florists 

Let’s face it, flowers are simply a must on occasions, but they can get pretty basic. Red roses and gypsos simply won’t do in 2021. The good thing is, instead of buying a typical bouquet, Therapy Florists gives you an awesome option that gives you 2 things: a gorgeous bouquet, and time-well spent with your partner.

This gorgeous shop is founded by Sahar Sadeq, and they can send you DIY boxes that include well-kept flowers, green leaves, and some tools to make sure you’re assembling it right. 

  1. Gazal Shoe

Again, we know that shoes aren’t the first on your list when you think of gifting someone (or receiving a gift). But the truth is, everyone l o v e s shoes. Men and women are equally passionate about this piece of clothing, making it an interesting addition to our list.

Gazal Shoe is one place we thought is worth mentioning, and no doubt, it will be your next favorite shoe store. 

They’ll knock your socks off with their comfortable, stylish, and affordable men and women shoes. If you’re feeling extra (and a little throwback-y), you can always match with your partner!

  1. Simply Chic Boutique

The name should give you a hint on the type of products they offer – they’re simply, chic! (see what we did there?). They’re a Bahraini brand that sells shoes, bags, and their newest addition, clothes. If you ever get tired of seeing endless brands all over your feed, all with the same concept, and hardly any local feel in them; Simply Chic will be a breath of fresh air.

While they have an actual store in Seef Mall, we understand that online shopping is the way to go onwards. Luckily, they have a website! All you have to do is to visit it and choose the category you’d like to shop from. You can also filter the price you want, and voila you are ready to have a nice gift! I mean, why search for several shops for your Valentine gift when you can find it all here in an affordable price, and excellent quality.

  1. Cupcake Boutique 

When was the last time you celebrated anything without cake? 2000 and never? That’s because cake is the boss of every celebration. It’s practically why we even have some celebrations sometimes. 

But no one wants to keep having the same flavor over and over — if you want a cake with a twist, we recommend you have a look at Cake Boutique’s interesting collection of flavors. From their mahalabia cheesecake, to their pumpkin spice cake, to their pistachio cake, they’re all de li cio us! 

Make sure you send us snaps of your gifts, in case you chose one of our suggestions — maybe we’ll reshare them on our Instagram story! Talk to us on our social media platforms on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln.

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