7 Things you didn’t know about the region’s Content Creator, Omar Farooq

A social media figure that started out his journey recording his first-time experiences and posting them on YouTube, managed to woo the audience through his charismatic personality and genuine reactions and his dedication towards creating inspirational stories. Meet Omar Farooq, one of the region’s most prominent content creators. 

We got the awesome chance to speak with Omar Farooq to know all about his journey and how he became a prominent social media figure in the Middle East. Here are 7 things you didn’t know about Omar:

  1. He learned how to use a professional camera when he was 15. Omar tells us that filmmaking has always been a passion of his. He was introduced to the wonders of professional camera at summer camp. “Ever since then, I’ve found a passion for telling stories through a lens,” he shares.
  2. “Passion is fueled by support.” We asked Omar what has encouraged him throughout these years to continue doing what he’s doing. “In my humble opinion, passion is fueled by support,” he says. He’s grateful for the amount of support he’s received for all the content that he produced. “It’s an indescribable feeling when you feel like you’ve motivated others to pursue their passion,” he states.
  3. Being a social media figure gifted him with the ability to connect with people. Social media obviously has its pros and cons, but according to Omar, what he loves the most about his experience on social media that he’s able to connect and speak with people across different spectrums. 
  4. Promoting constructive criticism is a challenge. On the other hand, the downside of social media is the heavy criticism. “An obvious challenge would be trying to promote the idea of constructive criticism,” Omar shares. Constructive criticism, unlike negative comments based on hate, is much more encouraging and helpful. It helps promote growth, cultivates trust between the influencer and their audience, and increases insight and perspective as the content creator would know what their audience wants to see more of. 
  5. His main motive is to inspire people to create. “The online world has become a platform to showcase your creativity and work alongside other influencers,” Omar tells us. To Omar, social media is a space of constant inspiration and motivation where he’s able to document and post his experiences online. 
  6. Atnafas was born to inspire people. You’ve probably heard about his clothing brand “Atnafas,” so we’ve asked Omar what made him launch Atnafas. “It really makes my day when I see words of encouragement or wisdom that resonates with me,” he states. Therefore, being exposed to creative designers who are able to capture a thought in an image had the idea of Atnafas cooking in his mind. “Having inspiring words on a t-shirt and seeing it all the time, it’s like you’re breathing the creativity and inspiration, and collectively embracing it,” he explains the name of the brand, “it becomes a part of you, and fuels you.” It doesn’t just inspire the person wearing it, but also the people around them.
  7. Going back to pre-school was the best experience he had so far. One of the next of the best experiences Omar has ever had while filming is the Omar Tries episode, where he went back to pre-school. “Seeing how accepting, supportive, and kind children were helped me to recognize what are humans are in essence,” he says. “As cheesy as that sounds, it makes you think at what point do we lose all of that?” Omar questions, referring to kindness and acceptance.

Of course, Omar is always on the run, preparing some exciting things for us. He tells us that he’s got a couple of film projects and some fantastic upcoming collaborations, so make sure you stay tuned and follow him on Instagram and YouTube

He also shares that Atnafas is taking an exciting leap forward with a few new product introductions soon. To stay up to date, check out their website and follow them on Instagram

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