Here’s how Zain Bahrain is supporting local Bahraini startups this Ramadan

In the holy spirit of Ramadan and as part of Zain Bahrain ongoing efforts of supporting local Bahraini startups and entrepreneurs, Zain just gave out some really cool handcrafted (by Bahrainis) gifts to its main partners and clients.

We spoke to Zain Bahrain’s Media & Events Manager, Ghazi Radhi, about this heartwarming initiative where he shared with us some interesting thoughts and insights on why the telecommunication company Zain Bahrain continues to take on such initiatives.

According to Ghazi, the Ramadan gift is an annual concept Zain does for its clients and partners. Every year, the team at Zain Bahrain try to come up with a new creative idea for a Ramadan gift as a way to show their appreciation and gratitude towards their partners — especially since Ramadan is the month of giving.

This year, Zain Bahrain decided to do something that’s completely different and unique – a Ramadan gift that has a powerful impact and a significant meaning to local Bahraini entrepreneurs. Zain Bahrain came up with the brilliant idea of giving out an intricately custom designed wooden box made by Masterline with three extraordinary items from different Bahraini locals: Rostam, Papercup, and Annada.

We bet you’re curious to know what exactly is in the box, aren’t you? Well, we won’t keep you on your toes. Inside the box, there’s some fresh aromatic coffee beans from the local coffee shop Papercup, because no one can just say no to coffee, right? There’s also a handmade wooden coaster from Rostam that you can place on your office desk, and definitely use to put your Papercup coffee on (after Ramadan obviously). And the last item is a beautifully designed Notebook from Annada that will help you get your creative juices flowing as soon as you jot down your daily tasks, oh and it comes with an equally artistic bookmark that you can use while reading  (if you’re still old school – no judgement there) during your lunch break.

“We at Zain Bahrain are known for our local support towards the startup community in the Kingdom and that was the main drive of the idea,” Ghazi shares. Zain Bahrain is also known for their other admiring initiatives for supporting local entrepreneurs, such as the #5ameesnaZain project that translates to “our Thursdays are Zain”. The project is hosted at every week where it showcases the work of local startups at Zain Bahrain headquarters.

But that’s not all yet! Zain Bahrain also hosts small businesses at special bazaars and bake sales held at their headquarters during special occasions like Eid, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Moreover, Zain Bahrain also hosts food trucks at its car park which includes Villa Mamas, Noodle Wok, and Sandwich Guys. Zain Bahrain also has Wheelys Cafe permanently based in their headquarters as well.

Furthermore, Zain Bahrain is launching an educational program for kids called the STEAM Robotics program that will be taught and presented by AlRuwad Centre. Zain Bahrain’s General Manager Mohammed Abdulla Zainalabdein mentioned in a press release that the program aims to encourage creativity and develop innovative thinkers. This in turn allows the upcoming generation to become productive members of the society.

If you’d like to know more about Zain Bahrain, check out their website here. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for further announcements.


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