You wouldn’t believe these 5 cool things you can do with NBB’s new digital banking app

Remember how as kids we’d always imagine a future similar to The Jetsons? Now, let’s be real, Siri and Alexa are practically doing a better job than Rosie, The Jetson’s robot maid. 

Since it’s a given that we’re currently living in that future (Minus the flying cars and hoverboards), it’s not too out of the ordinary for banks, for instance, to go digital. It’s actually great to keep up with the times. Bahrain’s very own National Bank — National Bank of Bahrain (NBB), has recently joined the bandwagon too.  

Have you had the chance to try out their all-new Digital Banking app? If not, you are definitely missing out on a lot of convenience and exciting features in your day-to-day banking operations.

And the fun part – it doesn’t even matter if you do not have an NBB account as of yet; because the NBB Digital Banking app itself gives you the option to open a new account with the bank within the metaphorical blink of an eye. 

More on that below as we quickly walk you through the five biggest perks you get with the new NBB Digital Banking app.

  1. Open an account with NBB remotely.

The NBB Digital Banking app takes remote banking to the next level. You can simply download the app from Google Play (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS) and open a new account in as little as five minutes. Because faster times require faster solutions. 

All you have to do is take a selfie, and the account creation process starts from there. You don’t even have to spend any time doing phone or video call verifications with bank officials like most remote banking solutions usually mandate.

Not only that, but you also get the option to opt for additional accounts in different currencies in a matter of seconds.

  1. Ease of access is now simpler than ever.

Accessing your NBB accounts using the new and improved Digital Banking app is now a cakewalk. You get multiple options to register including with your account number, National ID, as well as debit and credit card numbers. 

For greater convenience, you can also quickly set up your biometric data and passcode. Should the need ever come to reset your account password for whatsoever reason, you can do it easily with just a few taps on the screen. 

The instructions for that are explained within the app, making it accessible to even novice users.

  1. Fast and reliable transactions.

Close your eyes and imagine having a full-fledged platform to conduct your transactions round the clock. Now open your eyes. Viola! With the NBB Digital Banking app, you actually have that. You can use the app to send and receive money. Apart from intra-banking transactions (transactions involving NBB accounts), you can also send money to other local bank accounts in BHD using Fawri and Fawri+. 

You can also use the app to schedule your transactions at any point in the future. The scheduled transactions can be canceled or edited instantly whenever you want.

The app also brings you the convenience promised by Fawateer to make quick payments to single or multiple payees. This guaranteed a much-improved experience when it comes to paying utility bills. It also offers real-time updates on your outstanding bills.

  1. Manage accounts and beneficiaries.

The app gives you a 360-degree view of your account-related information and transaction data. For example, you can review your transaction history in real-time, manage your finances and cards, and so on.

Want to manage your finances and investments or view detailed data about mortgages and personal loans? The app makes all this information available under the same roof. Want to top-up a debit card linked to your bank account in any Bahraini bank? The app can do it for you in as little as a minute.

Additionally, you can also copy and share your account number and IBAN. 

Compared to any run-of-the-mill online banking solution, NBB’s Digital Banking app makes it simple to add, remove, edit, and search beneficiary accounts. 

  1. Manage all NBB debit and credit cards.

Want to pay for your credit bills on time and refill the prepaid cards on the go? You got it. The app has a whole package that helps you manage all your cards. You can lock your credit card whenever you want, unlock them, and replace/reissue all your NBB debit, credit, and prepaid cards in an instant without having to make those pesky phone calls to customer support.

If you have a newly issued debit or credit card with you, or want to change the PIN of an existing card, the app lets you do that too securely.

These are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg, though. You get a whole range of other features and improved services with the new NBB Digital banking app. The best way to get a gist of it would be to download the app right away and see it for yourself.

This is only the start of a journey, hence, NBB are planning to release now features in frequent updates during the rest of 2021 — keep an eye out!

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