Kerning Cultures Network & Digital Digest team up for the 1st Arabic daily tech news podcast

Press Release.

Kerning Cultures Network has teamed up with Digital Digest to explore a new frontier: the region’s first Arabic daily tech news podcast. 

The new podcast, “Akhbar el Tech” will run daily (Sundays to Thursdays). Starting every morning with the news you need to know about emerging companies, entrepreneurs, and the digital economy scene in the MENA region. Each daily episode of Akhbar el Tech is 2-3 minutes long and easily fits into your morning routine, making sure you know what you need to, every day.

Founded in 2015, Kerning Cultures Network has been leading the region’s podcasting movement with chart-topping, award-winning podcasts, in both Arabic and English. Their latest Arabic release, Saqr’s Eclipse ranked #1 across the region’s charts.  

Daily podcast news is a natural next step for the Kerning Cultures Network as 93% of listeners trust podcasts more than any other form of traditional media. 

Partner Digital Digest is a bilingual digital business news aggregator focused on the Middle East and North Africa. Founded in 2018 by Racha Ghamlouch and Farah Nakouzi, the Digest focuses on providing business leaders with all they need to stay up-to-date about the regional tech economy. 

Akhbar el Tech is Digital Digest’s newest endeavour, a seamless addition to their newsletter and breaking news posts through Whatsapp and Telegram. The show will be presented by Farah Nakouzi, co-founder of Digital Digest. Farah is a social media and communication specialist who started her career working in events catered to the MENA region’s startup ecosystem.

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Podcasting is fast becoming the next wave of media in the region. Global podcast listenership has been growing 20-40% annually for the past 6 years, and MENA is fast-picking up on these trends: there are already 5.1m podcast listeners in KSA and 1.3m in the UAE listening to an average of 5-7 hours of podcasts a week. In an increasingly cluttered digital world of swiping past the majority of content we see, podcasts are a much-needed refuge, specifically for millenials. 

Subscribe to Akhbar el Tech to keep up to date with the region’s tech news wherever you get your podcasts. 

(Source: Markettiers MENA)

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