Anyone with an aspiration to becoming an entrepreneur or starting their own startup should definitely check out the “The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs” by Kevin D. Johnson.

Kevin talks about how’s it like being an entrepreneur in seven chapters: Strategy, Education, People, Finance, Marketing and Sales, Leadership, and Motivation. The book is an easy read and is quite direct to the point, as he doesn’t include any unnecessary jargon or difficult phrases and words that may confuse the reader. As the book entails, there are actually 100 points that portray the minds of entrepreneurs. Here are some of the interesting ones we found:

  • Require Criticism and Disagreement in Your Company
  • An Idea’s Execution, Not Its Uniqueness, Yields Success
  • Don’t Manage People, Manage Expectations
  • It’s Not About Being Your Own Boss
  • Be Prepared to Lose it All

Kevin does not sugar coat things and is not afraid to express his opinions about entrepreneurship in a “tough love” kind of way. For instance, he wrote: “When you start your business, lose the ego immediately. It’s the main reason that entrepreneurs don’t seek help. An overinflated ego even prevents those who ask for help from receiving it. Rarely do people want to help those who act as though they don’t need it. And there’s a difference between being confident and having an ego that’s too big for your own good. Confidence attracts people, ego repels them.”

The book can be read in several ways, from start to finish, or they pick up sections that are relevant to them. So in a way, you don’t exactly have to read in a chronological order, and no you’re not going to feel confused if you read it from the middle.

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If you’re planning on executing your entrepreneurial idea anytime soon, this book is the perfect read for you.

This book is available on Amazon and costs BD 4.6.

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