Everything you need to know about Bahrain Fashion Incubator’s ‘Designer in Residence’ Program

Sarah Faisal

*Insert Meryl Streep’s dialogue in The Devil Wears Prada about how we’re all influenced by fashion, whether aware or not*

Ah, fashion. How we think it’s a luxury when, in reality, it’s a necessity. Don’t believe us? Watch the clip above. But enough on us and what we know, we want all you Bahrain-based fashion enthusiasts waiting for an opportunity to launch your fashion brand to know that you don’t have to wait any longer! Bahrain Fashion Incubator launched its one-of-a-kind in the Middle East program, Designer in Residence, specifically to help you do that. 

Bahrain Fashion Incubator is actually the first business incubator and accelerator in the MENA region that offers creative professional solutions and services to fashion startups. 

The program is set to take off for two years. It is directed towards early-stage fashion startups and entrepreneurs to provide them with all the necessary tools they need to establish a sustainable fashion business (yes, sustainable fashion is a thing, and it’s here in Bahrain)

It also aims to equip them with technical and business knowledge, access to a network of professionals, as well as required access to finance to launch and grow internationally competitive brands

Designer in Residence will help you in the following four ways: 

1. You’ll be able to work in the guidance of fashion experts. You didn’t think we mentioned the Meryl Streep dialogue for no reason, did you? You’ll get to passionately work under the wings of industry experts, further developing your products and shaping your talents. 

2. You’ll get your designs up on prestigious exhibitions and fashion shows, not just in Bahrain, but around the world! It’s every designer’s dream to see their designs come alive on the runway, and yours won’t be just a dream, but a reality. What’s even more exciting is that you will reach global audiences, making your experience even more surreal. 

3. You’ll gain profit off of your products by offering them on BFI’s online and mall stores. Bahrain Fashion Incubator allows you to display and sell your products on their online-based stores as well as shopping mall retail stores. It’s a 2in1 kinda win; your products are displayed, and you get profit! 

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4. You’ll get access to a global network of resources and opportunities. We always emphasize the importance of networking and knowing the right people for obvious reasons. Still, we wanna remind you that being around a network of individuals in the same sector has a lot of indirect benefits too. They understand your struggles better, which helps you deal with them better as well! 

Sounds great, but what’s the catch? 

You’d be surprised that there isn’t one, actually. The eligibility criteria aren’t difficult to meet; all you have to do is be 18 years old or older by the application’s deadline date, open to launching a fashion brand, dynamic, and enthusiastic. Having knowledge or inclination in fashion is also preferred. 

We hope you’re excited to grab your sketchbooks and design already! For more information about the program, you can check out this video, or visit their website here. Keep up with Bahrain Fashion Incubator’s latest updates on their Instagram

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