Brace yourselves #TechWeekBH is coming back and it’s going to be great, here’s why you should attend

Are you a techie who is dying to know what’s popping and happening in the technology sector in Bahrain? Or maybe you’re a noob who’s new to the scene and want to know the latest and greatest in technology? It’s all good because the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB) in partnership with Tamkeen will be coming at you with the second edition of the infamous Bahrain Tech Week – also dubbed as #TechWeekBH.

Tech Week is bringing together technologists from across the region; all the way from major international entities to regional private-sector entities, also not forgetting the region’s exceptional startup talents, including AWS, MIT, pitching competitions and a lot more!

The week will present opportunities for growth and innovation in Bahrain’s thriving technology sector and is set to explore how emerging digital trends are going to revolutionize industries across the GCC.

But what does this all mean for you? Well, we came up with a list of what you, an attendee can expect from the said week:

  • Get your startup up and running. YoStartups will be presenting its 3rd edition of My Startup Bootcamp in Bahrain (September 28-30). So, if you’ve got a startup idea that you think can break the bank or maybe you need that extra push to turn your dreams into a reality, then My Startup Bootcamp might be the place for you. Register for it now.
  • Breakfast with AWS. C5 Accelerate are partnering up with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to hold AWS Nebula Workshop (September 29), an interactive discussion over breakfast on increasing women representation in technology, as well as developing a more inclusive workforce. If this is your cup of tea, then click here to register.
  • Everything you need to know about AWS. The AWS Summit is back (September 30) for another round in the Kingdom and is set to inspire and offer technical knowledge needed to get your feet off the ground and into the clouds. The cool part is it doesn’t matter if you’re experienced in AWS or not, as long as you’re interested then you’re going to be okay. What are you waiting for? Register right now.
  • Find out the latest in technology. The MIT Innovation Forum (October 1) is bringing together the prominent tech giants to cover the trendiest technology topics of 2018, from Industry 4.0 all the way to Blockchain technology – everything you need to know about technology will be happening here, so this one is a must when attending Tech Week. Click here to register for the event.
  • Discussions on Bankruptcy Law. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce are partnering up with the EDB to hold the Bankruptcy Law Seminar (October 1), a panel discussion on the recently introduced Bankruptcy Law, which will highlight key features of the new law as well as opportunities. Think this might be for you? Then register now.
  • Pitch your startup idea. A piece of the Runway to Web Summit is landing in Bahrain (October 1) where ten regional startups will get the opportunity to pitch in front of a general panel of judges to try and win an all-expense paid trip to Lisbon, where the legit Web Summit is going to happen. Want to know what happens? Then register here.
  • Celebrate Huawei Day. Huawei are going to have a day for themselves, Huawei Bahrain Day 208 (October 2) and the theme is “Building a Fully Connected, Intelligent World”. The invite-only event/day aims to build a collaborative, open, and shared platform for the ICT industry.
  • Meet talented Bahraini startups. Eight exciting startups are going to take the stage to present and showcase their business ideas to potential investors, media and the greater business community during the Flat6Labs Demo Day (October 3). It’s also the perfect event to meet the most promising startups in the market and learn about their products and services. Want to meet these startups? Register now.
  • What’s happening FinTech. Want to keep up with Emerging Technologies (EmTech) but have no idea where to start? Then BBK EmTech Summit & Expo (October 3-4) is for you. EmTech Summit will provide interactive learning platforms for you, to keep you up-to-date with EmTech technologies that are relevant and important to the financial service sector. Click here to register for the event.
  • Network over mocktails. Join C5 accelerate, brinc, and The Nest for Network & Chill at Founder Hour (October 3) for some fun and informal networking, just sit, relax, chill and connect with founders, entrepreneurs, and investors. If you’re interested, then register here.
  • Chill at the Rowad Majlis. BDB Rowad will be hosting its 10th edition of the Rowad Majlis Networking event (October 4) and will focus on all things technology. Rowad Talk will also be taking place and will be featuring Junaid Wahedna, Founder and CEO of Wahed Invest.
  • Get some government insight. The Bahrain International eGovernment Forum 2018 (October 7-8) may just be the signature event of the entire week, the forum is an ideal platform for you to gain insight and explore the minds behind the latest cutting-edge advancements in technology, it’s also an excellent opportunity to meet and network with influential decision makers and professionals.

You’re probably wondering now, what’s it going to cost me? Good news, it’s all for FREE, you don’t need to pay a fils to step foot into these events, you may even score some free snacks while you’re at it!

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