7 Things Bahraini millennials ​should do this summer


School’s out, summer is in – any plans to make the best out of it?

Now I know you can’t believe you finally finished that academic year – traumatic flashbacks anyone? Talk about the nuisance of getting up in the dawn of day, the sun out to get you in that annoying traffic jam, and spending hours looking for a park just to be running down hallways chasing professors for that one extra mark.

But now that summer is here, let’s leave that behind now, shall we? I don’t know about you, but all I want to do right now is chill by the beach and sip on some cold Pina Colada.

If you’re stuck in Bahrain’s heat this year, then that’s okay, we feel you. But how about we provide you with a list of things that you can do this summer that will for sure have a positive impact on your future? It guarantees you productivity and a boost for that self-esteem of yours.

  1. Good old internships. Work might be the last on your bucket list of adventures this summer, but let me tell you why you should reconsider. Internships brush up your very existent knowledge as a Bahraini by getting to interact firsthand with the growing economy and gives you a teamwork for dummies crash course. Basically. if you grew up dreaming of becoming a superwoman investment banker, an internship gives you a chance to experience it a little early.. I know you were hoping for a vacation, but trust me, it still can be, because putting your name on a company you’re proud of is a feeling out of this world. Looking for an internship? Check out some awesome opportunities on Majra, Zain’s Women in Tech internship program, Zain’s Youth Empowerment program, Tamkeen’s internship scheme, OneGCC, Linkedin, and Mutamahin.
  2. Volunteer, volunteer and volunteer again. Lending a hand, physically and emotionally, is one and a very good way to become a part of the local community, and trust me on this, it does not have to be boring. Volunteering in areas of life you’re passionate about and interested is killing two birds with one stone – figuratively of course. You get to support the causes you are particularly passionate about, enjoy it, and help our society today to become a better tomorrow. If you’re fond of animals, I recommend you volunteer at Bahrain Rescues, rehabilitate, rescue and help all abandoned animals. But if animal loving isn’t your forte, there are always other options, such as taking part in CleanUp Bahrain and help save the environment. Passionate about women empowerment? Then you could definitely volunteer at the upcoming Women Power SummitYou can find more options on Volunteer Bahrain too. There are endless possibilities into making a change and don’t forget, volunteering makes great stories to tell.
  3. Explore hidden gems in Bahrain. Are you tired of the same old activities, and how little there is to do in Bahrain? Then hear me out here because there are so many thriving home-grown local initiatives that will blow your minds out. Take Localppl for instance, that organize multiple tours around Bahrain, whether it be a boat trip in Jarada Island, or cycling around AlJasra, that get you in touch with your local community and allow you to be physically active. And for the women out there, if you’re sick of being confined between those four white walls in the gym, get out and get some sun through Cycling Bees, and join the hive! If you’re into cycling, horseriding, AND SEA trips, then we also recommend that you check out Kashta Tours. Not only that, if you’re interested in picking up a new skill, then what about pottery, Bahrain’s prized possession? Nada Pottery is the ultimate place to channel your inner creativity in new ways!
  4. Get involved with the StartUp Bahrain community. Want to learn more about Bahrain and it’s upcoming plans for Vision 2030? Then you should read on. StartUp Bahrain is a national movement to promote startups and entrepreneurship in Bahrain. It’s the perfect platform to explore the ecosystem in Bahrain, attend the riving events and make some new connections. You can always check out the upcoming events here. Startup Bahrain allows you to explore all sorts of communities that might be of interest to you, and discover new ways to learn and have fun! It provides you the opportunity to learn more about the backstory of the ecosystem in Bahrain, where you can intern at accelerators like Flat6Labs Bahrain, or channel your innovation into reality through participating in initiatives like GDG Manama. A big fan of gaming? Then you can definitely join the gaming community Unreal Bahrain and build some games with them! Trust me when I say, hidden pearls are not only to be found under the sea in Bahrain, but within society too!
  5. It ain’t summer without pools. If you’re sick of digging up hundreds of Instagrams searching for the perfect pool, only to find out it’s booked and your perfect weekend is in shambles, do not fret, Kashtah is here! No longer will you have to hopelessly drive around, you can book a pool with just 3 clicks, at the comfort of your home. So hurry and grab those swimsuits and tanning oil and make it a summer you won’t forget with your friends and family! If you’re also interested in booking not just pool, but also some cool sports activities, (including water sports!) for you and your family or friends, then check out Tamarran
  6. Expand your knowledge. Summer is the perfect time to finally begin the list of stacked books that you’ve bought but never had time to read. If you wanna venture out of traditional book reading, and you’re an auditory learner, we recommend Alrawi, which is a growing network of content contributors who convert Arabic books into digitally accessible audio library, perfect if you’re planning on becoming less of a chicken nugget. But if you’re a social butterfly, there are options for you too, like Neo Books & Cafe and Booksnessi’s library at Higher Grounds Cafe, that provide a chill space to sit back and relax and borrow your favorite book every now and then.
  7. Be a contributor to Startup MGZN. I know what it feels like to have so much to say and no platform to voice it, and have your friends roll their eyes hopelessly when you bring up a matter you’re passionate about, like climate change, the abundance of social media influencers, and the many restaurants popping up in Bahrain. So, instead of blabbing to people, how about you hit your laptop and become a contributor to Startup MGZN? I know I did. It provides you with a safe space to voice your opinions, connect with people who share similar ideologies, and reach out to the public.

Now’s your chance to break through your mold and discover new opportunities, so make us proud, and feel free to share with us your thoughts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn!

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