You need to book a pool ASAP for your family or friend’s gathering this coming Friday, what do you do? You have several options: Either the traditional method of cruising around Bahrain with your eyes wide open looking for one, dig through Instagram, or hope that the BCs you receive on WhatsApp are reliable enough. But what if we tell you there’s a better way of doing this? Meet Kashtah.

Launched by the 23 years old Bahraini Othman Janahi, Kashtah helps you book pools around Bahrain anytime and everywhere. “Many people like to go to pools around the country but the problem was to find the best date and time,” Othman tells us.

Othman shares with us that Kashtah app was recently acquired by 2 Kuwaiti investors that invested a 6 digit amount into the startup – although the investors and the actual amount remain undisclosed. The investment will have a positive impact on Kashtah app as the new investors will assist them in managing the operations in a more efficient manner, and plan to open new services such as renting camps and chalets in Bahrain, in addition to expanding to neighboring countries.

Before Kashtah, people would have to call several pool owners to check for availability, then arrange with their family or friends for the down payment requested by the pool owners, Othman explains. But Kashtah is not only a lifesaver for pool enthusiasts and people trying to escape the heat, but it also helps pool owners from getting spammed with phone calls and text messages the entire day.

Kashtah links the user with the owners’ pool where they can pick and choose the pool they like, and select the available time, and pay the downpayment online – in just 3 clicks! Isn’t that so much easier than driving around Bahrain and calling people?

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When asked about the Kashtah’s future plans, Othman tells us that soon enough users will be able to book camps and chalets in Bahrain, and they’re also planning on launching Kashtah in Kuwait mid-2019.

You can download Kashtah on Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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