6 Reasons why you should participate in Tamkeen’s 6th edition of Mashroo3i

Sarah Faisal

is no stranger when it comes to supporting youth and their entrepreneurship endeavors. In fact, Tamkeen just announced the 6th edition of its Youth Business Competition, Mashroo3i. This year, Tamkeen is shedding more light on innovation to support Bahraini youth and help them transform their ideas into an actual business.

Dr. Ebrahim Janahi, C.E of Tamkeen, has commented on the endless potentials they’ve witnessed throughout Mashroo3i’s years of being by stating: “The Mashroo3i competition is in line with Tamkeen’s commitment to position Bahrainis at the forefront of the market. Entrepreneurs play a pivotal role in transforming economies, and we’ve already witnessed a wave of development within the past few years as more Bahraini entrepreneurs appear on the scene and bring their ideas into fruition.”

Mashroo3i is an excellent place for you; if you have this strong urge to bring your idea to life, Tamkeen will definitely help you with that. How? Well…

  1. Witness the birth of your idea

There’s no better platform for you to finally go through with that idea that’s been lingering at the back of your head. Get to see your brainchild gradually transform from being just a simple thought, into a functioning sustainable business. Mashroo3i prepares you to build an actual prototype of your business, conduct feasibility studies, and test it out! 

2. Get trained and mentored

Having an idea is the first step into building your business, but how can you further grow and develop it? By getting proper training in general essential business areas, and areas that are relevant to your sector. With Mashroo3i, you get actual professional guidance and mentorship from industry experts, where you will be able to polish your idea and build confidence in both yourself and the consistency of your business.

Previous Mashroo3i mentors include 2019 BAE award winners Nahla Al-Mahmood, founder of LalaBella Events Boutique, and Mohammed Abdulaal, founder of All Food Co. In addition to Eyad Ebrahim, founder of Infinity Polymers, Omar Al Khan, founder of ParkPoint, and Maysa Alghawas, founder of PlayWorks. Stay tuned for this year’s mentors!

3. Mix & mingle

You are who you know and knowing the right people will definitely help you in the long run. Mashroo3i gives you access to like-minded peers with whom you’ll exchange your experiences, build connections, and ultimately create and find business opportunities. Your potential business partner could even be waiting for you at Mashroo3i! Yes, serendipity is a thing. Bringing this back to point #2, the incredible network of mentors and investors you’ll meet will add a lot to your business, and personal growth journeys. Exciting, isn’t it?

4. Increase your industry knowledge

How to launch a business? Where to start? How can entity X help you? These are all essentials to know about. Whether you want to continue with your current entrepreneurial journey or choose to pursue a different path. It’s imperative to know who’s who and what’s what. With Mashroo3i, you’re guaranteed to understand the fundamentals of Bahrain’s business and economic structure, straight from one of its most prominent entities – Tamkeen. After all, knowledge is key!

5. Practice your pitching skills

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Practice makes perfect, right? It’s a good thing you’ll be pitching a lot in Mashroo3i. We mean it, A LOT. Part of the competition’s structure is joining a pitching Bootcamp followed by pitching to investors and networking. Let’s not forget to mention the big finale in which you’ll get to be part of Mashroo3i’s public exhibition! By the end of the competition, pitching won’t even be something you’ll have to worry about, because of how comfortable and used to it you’d get.

6. Be celebrated as one of Bahrain’s innovators!

Not to be cheesy, but don’t we all want to explore the lengths of our creativity and contribute to the economic growth of our country? Mashroo3i celebrates innovators by awarding them in the following categories: The Business Plan of the Year, The Business Model Award, The Marketing, Sales & Promotion Award, The Most Responsible Business of the Year, The Charismatic Entrepreneur of the Year, The Innovation Award, E-Business of the Year, The Active use of Social Media Award, and The People’s Choice. Get creative, develop your business with Mashroo3i, get recognized, and reap the fruits of your labour!

We reached out to last year’s Mashroo3i winner, Telp, to ask them how this experience helped them. Telp’s CEO, Ameena Bucheeri commented: “In the earliest stages of mashroo3i the program helped me gain the confidence to speak about Telp and share my idea and get feedback. Winning greatly impacted our company as we were already operational by that time and it gave us very good PR exposure. The award itself also facilitated our growth and helped us cut down our cost during our first year of operating.

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