5 tips to make your Ramdhan extra smooth at work

Ramadhan is a month that’s quite different for people around the world. For some it is an ordinary month, while for the majority of the region it’s a month of change, peace, and reflection. Fasting for hours, changing their whole routine — from when (and what) they eat, to when they work, and how they work, it really is a different month.

That being said, and with a tiny confession of ours that we lowkey love Ramadhan because of the less working hours, this awesome month CAN be even better. 

We have our own tips and tricks that have worked for us for ages, that we thought maybe we should share with you considering we’re such good friends. Here are 5 tips you’ll be surprised to find helpful during Ramadhan:

1. Work, work, work, work, work (that’s intended to be read in a Rihanna voice).

It’s easy to procrastinate with less working hours. You say you’ll leave it to the next day, then the next day comes and you’re still sleepy and stuffed with that machboos suhoor you went for — we see you, and the cycle goes on.

You have less working hours throughout the day, make use of that. Familiarize yourself with what needs to get done and organize your tasks based on what’s important, to what’s more important, to what’s most; and then arrange your week to dissect those tasks and get them done. Also keep in mind that you might be putting off tasks that seem too daunting when in reality only take 5 minutes to complete, so really, you got this!

2. Take short breaks.

While this seems like a no-brainer, and perhaps a little contradictory to the previous point; but you’re likely to be low on energy if you’re fasting. It’s really important not to overwhelm yourself , so make sure you’re pausing every hour or so for a few minutes. 

Get your blood flowing by taking a walk around your office (or house if you’re still working from home), do some stretches, work on your breathing. Just make sure you’re not stuck on a chair for too long. After all, food shouldn’t be the only reason why you’re getting up.

3. Can we just talk? (now, this one’s intended to be read in a Khalid voice).

It’s so easy to fall prey to isolation when you’re low on energy, even more so with the ongoing pandemic still hanging around us. Yes, you’re at work to work, but that doesn’t mean that’s ALL you should be doing. 

Look around you, even if it’s just you and someone else at the office, use those short breaks we mentioned earlier to participate with them. Say hello. Ask them about their day, and then share about yours. Maybe even do stretches together if it isn’t too awkward.

Little things, as small as having a simple conversation with someone can really help in feeling more engaged and present, and you’re less likely to feel isolated and alone. Again, even if you’re working from home, talk to someone who’s at home with you, or give your colleague a call and check up on them. It makes a whole lot of difference.

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4. Be easy on yourself, and the people around you.

You’ll notice that we keep repeating the point on low energy levels. It’s because it’s true, not just for you, but for the people around you too (why don’t we just grab a guitar and sing this one out?) In all cases, whether you’re an employee, or an employer, constantly remind yourself of this and of the fact that everyone really is simply trying their very best. 

5. Stay hydrated.

Bet you’re staring at your screen wanting to poke our eyes out for this one, right? Yes, you can stay hydrated when you’re fasting, and no, it’s not about sneaking in bottles of water (or thinking you have the same physical properties as a camel and drinking your whole water tank the night before). 

It’s actually about two things:

  1. What you wear.
  2. Your shower.

Sorry, it’s just so much fun confusing you. Let’s get to business: If you’re working from home, or generally indoors, then wearing lighter colors would help in keeping you cool, hence less dehydrated — same thing the other way around; if you’re working outside, it’s best to wear darker colors to protect you from being on the sun’s bad side — but avoid wearing black, as it attracts heat and retains it to your body.

As for the shower bit, it’s believed that cold showers can help in rehydrating. So before you hit the road, Jack (what’s with us and songs these days?) — hit the shower for about 5-10 minutes. Make sure your head is under direct cool water. 
Hope these tips were helpful! If you have some to recommend us, send us a shoutout on our social media platforms on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and of course, Instagra

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