The American University of Bahrain kicks off its first-semester events with the President’s Run


The American University of Bahrain (AUBH) today kicked off its series of first-semester campus events with the President’s Run, a one-mile run around AUBH’s campus where Dr. Susan E. Saxton, Founding President of AUBH, led the student body in the first of many team-building activities planned for this inaugural academic year. The President and AUBH Students were also joined by Ms. Maggie Nardi, Deputy Chief of Mission of the U.S. Embassy, on the run, while fellow faculty members, staff, parents and supporters cheered the runners and enjoyed the facilities of the University’s state-of-the-art campus in Riffa. Students wore their limited edition AUBH t-shirts and caps along the one-mile circuit, culminating in a student-led post-run cheer of “making history!” before gathering for entertainment and refreshments.

Dr. Saxton crossed the finish line with the AUBH Students and commented: “The best part of my day is being with our students, and seeing our campus come alive today with student spirit was just thrilling for all of us at AUBH. We have many more such events planned, all of which are conceived to reach the potential of our students and encourage student-staff-community teamwork.

Student Council President, Mariam Hussain, and other members of the Student Council participated in the run. Miss Hussain commented: “As the Inaugural Student Council President of the Class of 2023, it was an honor for me to see the student body come together for our kickoff event of 2019. Crossing the finish line with President Saxton was a proud moment, celebrating teamwork between the AUBH administration and students, and building momentum for all our future campus activities.” 

Dr. Susan E. Saxton joined AUBH as Founding President in 2018, bringing over 25 years of educational expertise, with a focus on transformational leadership, corporate strategy and academic program management. With the primary goal of providing a holistic experience that stretches beyond classroom learning into real-world application, she believes that sporting activities help create a sound mind and sound body, and teach participants how to reach for the stars in competitive performances—and in life.

Dr. Saxton shared with Ms. Nardi that she enthusiastically welcomes collaborative events with U.S. Embassy colleagues, which have been very supportive to AUBH. Delivering on the promise of an American-style experience for students, President Saxton sees many potential partnership opportunities of both an academic and extra-curricular nature, to be held for students, staff, and the community on the expansive campus.

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AUBH is the first private, American-style university in the Kingdom of Bahrain to offer a world-class educational experience. AUBH was established in line with the Kingdom’s plans to upscale the country’s academic quality and advance its status as an educational role model for the Arab region. With a strong emphasis on employability and cultural awareness, the AUBH experience is unique to this region. It combines dynamic instruction, hand-picked faculty, personalized mentorship, state-of-the-art premises and a multi-cultural, thriving campus to help students achieve their career goals and transform into well-rounded, work-ready professionals.

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