Tamatem Announces Strategic Partnership with Nanobit

Tamatem, the leading mobile games publisher in the MENA region, has announced the signing of a strategic partnership with Nanobit, a world-class game developer based in Zagreb, Croatia. The agreement was signed by Hussam Hammo, CEO of Tamatem and Zoran Vučinić and Alan Sumina Founders of Nanobit. 

With this partnership, Tamatem localised one of the most popular international hits in mobile games, the “Hollywood Story” into Arabic. This game has taken the world by storm, and quickly becoming the top mobile game in the whole story-based genre. Mobile game lovers across the MENA region are now able to take advantage of the game in their own language under the name of “Fashion Queen ملكة الموضة”.

Commenting on the announcement, Hussam Hammo, CEO of Tamatem said: “Our partnership with Nanobit, a leading game developer, is in keeping with our strategic plan to expand our reach and offer the best international game “Hollywood Story” in Arabic. We are very delighted to collaborate with this highly professional world-class team who have been leading the story based mobile game genre for the last 4 years with more than 300 million downloads. At Tamatem, we are also particularly excited as this is the first time that a game targeting female users will be published in Arabic.”

“In the MENA market, mobile games are expected to more than triple in size in the coming few years, from $680 million 2015 to $2.3 billion in 2022. With the highest Average Revenue Per Paying User (ARPPU) in the world, and an incredibly under-served Arabic market, we are confident that we can significantly scale our business to the next level and succeed with a partner like Nanobit in the coming years.”

Tamatem is a mobile games publisher for the Arabic speaking market. The company focuses on arabizing the most popular international mobile games and serving the Arab smartphone users with games tailored for the language and culture of the region. Although Arabic is the fourth most popular spoken language in the world, yet there is less than 1 percent of content available in Arabic.

Whilst there are around 400,000 games in English, in the Arab mobile game market there are only 850 Arabic games available on the App Store. The region has one of the world’s fastest adoption rates for mobile apps and with more than 100 million smartphone users in the Middle East, but 60 percent of these users prefer consuming content in Arabic.

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Zoran Vučinić and Alan Sumina founders of Nanobit said: “Step aside, Hollywood, the biggest celebrities are coming to MENA! We are sure Fashion Queen will take the MENA market by storm. Tamatem has a proven track record and clearly understands the needs of the market. We believe that this partnership will definitely become the top mobile game in the whole story-based genre in the MENA and help us to establish our brand in a new market. We are looking forward to a long-standing partnership with Tamatem.”

Tamatem localized the game Hollywood Story from a language, artistic and cultural perspective, and launched it to the Arabic market, under the company’s strong local publishing brand in the region. Tamatem also carried out and is still working on all marketing, live operations, monetization, whales and user support, while working closely with Nanobit to take this game to the next level.

Hollywood Story takes the user from a humble beginning in a rough part of New York, Through the ranks of the rich and famous to lead a glamorous lifestyle everywhere from Las Vegas to Paris and then to Los Angeles. The user must make the best career choices and capitalize on all the best connections, while battling an intense personal life, to build the most successful life possible.

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