Regional IT services and training provider EXCEED launches a new software in Bahrain

Exceed IT Services, regional IT services, and training provider, has announced the official launch of its software in the Bahraini market.

From process automation to strategy management, Exceed’s products are designed to be agile, affordable, and easy to implement and use, said a statement from the company.

Ahmad Chayati, founder and general manager of Exceed, said: “Our position in the Gulf market as a software developer and service provider has given us a unique insight into the gap left by international software vendors across the region where current solutions are often too expensive and complex to be practical.”

“A major issue when considering new software is whether there are people in the market who can set up, administer, and manage this software. You can have the best system in the world set up, but if you do not have the right caliber to manage and guide people on using it, it’s virtually useless,” he stated.

For this reason, Exceed said it will coordinate with the international Exceeders group to train Bahraini IT graduates on their new software.

According to Chayati, this IT Academy achieves three things: It prepares the market for new software through capacity building; creates more job opportunities for IT graduates; and serves the national agenda by building Bahraini caliber.

Graduates of the Exceeders Academy will automatically have the right to use Exceed’s software within their future places of employment. This gives the academy graduates a better chance at employment over others, said the statement from Exceed.

Exceeders Academy works closely in coordination with Exceed, which has carved a niche as an IT solutions deployment company in the last two decades, it stated.

The combination of an employee with specific skills and knowledge, as well as access to the required software, will result in heightened productivity.

With a rich history in developing IT fresh graduates in Oman and Bahrain, the Exceed team is confident that this academy will succeed, remarked Chayati.

“We have been running IT Academy programs since 2009 and have a successful track record of enabling nationals to find lucrative jobs in a very competitive market. This time around, we will also be handing them the rights to use these cutting-edge applications,” he added.

“In a dynamic work environment companies are looking to hire specialists who can tell them how things need to be done, and not the other way around. These specialists should be skilled and fully equipped with an arsenal of tools and knowledge to ensure they will be able to do the job effectively. Exceeders Academy helps in filling this skill gap for aspiring job seekers,” he added.

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