Ottogee Inc. Develops PACT Wristband to Combat Covid-19 Virus

Press Release

Ottogee, Inc., in partnership with leading hardware manufacturers, has developed a new, cutting-edge wearable, named PACT (Proximity Alert and Contact Tracing), to address the global need for a physical distancing and contact-tracing solution.

The PACT wristband is a durable and cost-effective solution ready for deployment at any scale; ranging from a small office or jobsite, to a large community, or even national, level. PACT analytics will be viewable on Ottogee’s dashboard, helping companies and authorities take preventative measures in countering the Covid-19 spread at every stage of the outbreak. 

Once life begins returning to normal, and employees go back to work, physical distancing will still be vital to prevent the virus from flaring up again. A key feature of the wristband is its “proximity alert” –a gentle notification when the wristband comes within six feet of another wristband. If the virus is contracted, there needs to be a way to accurately understand who that person came into contact with, when and how long they were in contact with another individual. 

Unlike smart phone apps that might report BLE proximity up to tens of meters, have challenges syncing between the vast variety of phones with their different capabilities, and major privacy concerns, Ottogee’s PACT wristband operates precisely on specified distances (6 ft in this case) and will not require access to people’s personal phones. The consistent and reliable data can only be accessed by authorized admins to determine who might have contracted the virus, and then effectively prioritize their testing and quarantine efforts. 

Established in 2018 by a team of software, hardware and industry experts, Ottogee is a US- based company building IoT-enabled solutions for industry 4.0 commercial applications. Its platform is designed to ingest data and synthesize insights from an expandable list of devices and sensors, making it the most comprehensive “connected resources” platform in the market. 

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Ottogee’s flagship product connects workers, equipment and other assets in heavy industries using advanced plug & play and un-intrusive IoT technologies that require no complicated mesh networks or powered gateways. Combined with a customized, AI- enabled dashboard, stakeholders have a real-time overview of workers safety and overall jobsite productivity. The Connected Job Site® solution, launched in 2019, is currently deployed in multiple sites around the world and is offered by leading channel partners. 

Commenting on the release of the PACT bracelets, Ottogee CTO Jon Taylor added: “Our hearts and minds are with those effected by the disarray of this pandemic. Science and Technology are working hand-in-hand to mitigate the situation and we’re proud to have been able to launch this with our partners in a record time. This turbulent phase will hopefully end soon and we will all get back to our normal lives stronger, and more equipped for future, similar threats.” 

Ottogee is already taking orders from government and corporate entities of all sizes and will be delivering the first batch of 30,000+ wristbands by the third week of April. 

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