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Meet blockchain-enabled platform, Kambio Ventures where startup investments have never been easier

Dubai-based technology investment startup Jabbar just announced they’ll be launching of their newly blockchain-enabled, and fully-regulated platform that serves as an exchange to startups – Kambio Ventures.

The platform is formed by Sami Toukan, Hussam Khoury, and Louay Aldoory, with the aim of providing a marketplace for tokenized asset-backed securities that makes the startups’ investments more simple, secure, and fast.

According to a statement made by the company, Kambio Ventures will provide an attractive, friendly environment for investors, entrepreneurs, and institutions. It adds that with Kambio, members will be able to leverage expertise, access local know-how and have the ability to reduce risk by region, sector or capital firm. “It will be an ecosystem that advances exchange members forward through active participation, knowledge-sharing, and access to dedicated local research and resources,” the company stated.

Before Kambio Ventures, Jabbar has been investing in various regional startups such as ArabiaWeather, Democrance, OfficeRock, and POSRocket. In addition, Jabbar has some of their biggest exists including,, Cobone, and CahU.

Samih Toukan, Jabbar partner and Kambio Ventures founder, commented on the launch of the new platform saying: “The current venture capital operating model is complicated and appears outdated -arguably underwhelming both entrepreneurs and investors alike. Both are facing a continuous struggle to secure liquidity, with very long exit cycles. Kambio will be an intuitive, secure, fast, efficient and a regulated ecosystem which will transform the way start-ups operate.”

Kambio Ventures is based in London and will provide key platform features such as:

  • Tokenized start-up investments with a proprietary Proof-of-Asset token
  • Dedicated primary market for start-ups with multiple finance rounds
  • Dedicated secondary market for start-ups providing liquidity
  • Access to exceptional start-ups with rigorous due diligence and full lifecycle curation
  • Transparent, immutable and fair transactions with instant execution
  • Secure personal accounts with segregated custody

Each startup will be listed on a private regulated exchange with built-in liquidity management. Not only that, but Kambio Ventures will also deliver exclusive co-investment opportunities with end-to-end institutional-led curation and a dedicated community ecosystem.

Similarly, Hussam Khour, partner and Kambio Ventures founder, stated that the application of blockchain technologies will help redefine many industries, especially in financial services.”Kambio will look to lead and collaborate in developing distributed ledger solutions that facilitate investments, trades, and custody effortlessly – we see this as gamechanger, that will benefit all stakeholders,” he said.

Louay Aldoory, Jabbar partner and Kambio Ventures founder, also said that since the current security token space is “nascent, with fundamental jigsaw pieces still missing” where he referred to liquidity management, custody, legal framework and ownership structure. According to Louay, Kambio plans to fill those gaps and remove unnecessary middlemen, within a secure and regulated environment which in turn will revolutionize venture capital and capital markets.

The Kambio Platform is expected to launch next year in Summer 2019.



Startup MGZN

Startup MGZN