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INJAZ Bahrain partners up with Google Arabia to launch an AWESOME program

INJAZ Bahrain has partnered up with Google Arabia to deliver Maharat Min Google an ambitious program for the youths of today and futures of tomorrow.

The program was held over the course of one day, and it focused on teaching the participants about the importance of digital marketing. The main purpose of Maharat Min Google is to shed light on why it’s important to maintain a steady and powerful online presence in the fast-paced world of business.

Throughout the program, students will be able to enhance their technical skills, identify tools that will help grow their business online, prepare themselves for their desired career path in the future as well as promote and sustain their business globally.

“INJAZ Bahrain is proud to partner with Google Arabia to deliver a unique and innovative program such as Maharat Min Google to our students,” said Ms. Hana Sarwani, INJAZ Bahrain’s Executive Director, “It is part of our commitment to deliver essential skills in work, readiness, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship to them.”

On collaborating with Google Arabia, Ms. Hana shared: “This collaboration with Google Arabia represents a shared vision in fostering innovation in today’s youth to better their futures. Maharat Min Google aligns with our own programs and offers our students the opportunity to embrace their inner entrepreneur.”


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