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30 teams to qualify for the final competition of Mashroo3i

Thirty teams taking part in Tamkeen’s Youth Business Awards “Mashroo3i” have been qualified for the finale of the competition. The qualified teams are expected during this phase of the competition to work on the development and preparation of their business prototypes. Towards the end of this phase, three winners will be selected for the first three places, as all 30 teams’ prototypes will be displayed in a public exhibition which will be held between February and March of this year. During the public exhibition, the prototypes will be evaluated by a separate panel of judges whose members will be announced soon.

Teams will be working closely with their mentors who will guide them to develop and build their brand identity. The teams will also be focusing on utilizing social media platforms to promote their businesses in order to achieve maximum use of the marketing potentials these platforms have to offer.

This edition of the competition has received a large amount of positive feedback and engagement shown through the interest expressed by a number of private sector companies towards some of the business ideas put forward by the teams. These companies have expressed their willingness to provide the necessary support needed to further develop these businesses even after the completion of the current edition of the Mashroo3i Youth Business Awards. The companies who have shown interest towards the teams’ businesses are Flat6Labs, Bahrain FinTech Bay, Alwane Society, Pro Sky Business Center, Bahrain Social Media Club and many others. 

Mashroo3i Youth Business Awards is one of the key initiatives first launched by Tamkeen aimed at supporting the Bahraini youth by preparing them for the labor market and encouraging them to embrace entrepreneurship as a career choice, which reflects positively on the revitalization of the private sector. This is demonstrated by Mashroo3i’s ability to attract a number of leading private sector companies, who have shown interest in adopting and sponsoring the team’s promising business ideas and transforming them into success stories, in addition to encouraging the public to support local talents and the youth by attending the public exhibition which will take place from 28 February to 1 March, 2019, at the Seef Mall – Seef District. 

The first three winning teams will receive support from Tamkeen in the form of local or international training in fields related to their business ideas, and they will also be considered for training and internships with the companies from the private sector. For more information about Mashroo3i Youth Business Awards and the participating teams, visit the official website


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