Homiez.me to launch initiative to train 100 Bahrainis on digital and E-commerce

Press Release.

Bahrain’s leading E-commerce platform Homiez.me has declared that it plans to launch an initiative to train 100 Bahrainis in the field of E-commerce and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills. 

This initiative is part of the platform’s efforts to integrate more local talents into this crucial industry, support Bahrain’s efforts to undergo digital transformation, and create a knowledge economy.

“Some of the features of this training program include theoretical and practical sessions, projects, and internal and external participation, followed by a six-month phase of on-the-job training, to ensure outcomes that fully master the foundations and skills of practicing E-commerce following the most recent global data.” According to Mr Sadiq Abdul Rasool, Chief Digital Officer of Homiez.

Mr Abdul Rasool affirmed that the participants in this program will receive training from Homiez dedicated teams who are professionals in programming, design, research, marketing, communication, and other areas. They will receive a summary of theoretical and practical experiences and knowledge and be prepared to enter the job market in this industry as either employees or entrepreneurs. Adding that Homiez would make additional announcements later on regarding the program’s specifics, including its timing as well as the procedures and requirements for applying.

“Homiez platform is keen to build partnerships with relevant government and private entities in the implementation of this program, to ensure the achievement of its objectives as effectively as possible. This includes training national cadres, boosting their ability to compete for jobs offered by the crucial area of E-commerce, or developing companies with the capacity for expansion.”

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In this context, Mr Abdul Rasool clarified that the program supports initiatives to create what is sometimes referred to as the digital generation in the Kingdom of Bahrain, to boost the number of Bahrainis who are capable of actively contributing to the development of these digital tools and systems, as well as to localize the knowledge and digital industries in Bahrain. Particularly given that the news of the program’s launch occurs at a time when E-commerce has emerged as a crucial element for the success of stores and business sectors, in response to the difficulties faced by Bahrain’s markets during the epidemic.

“This initiative would also boost locally produced goods and services and realize the tagline “Made in Bahrain”, as national cadres who establish e-commerce platforms will look for additional manufacturers, retailers, and service providers in Bahrain to include them as clients,” Mr Abdul Rasool concluded.

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