‘Beban Auditions’ will feature Bahraini entrepreneurs pitching to be on Beban 2

Press Release.

Beban, Bahrain’s first entrepreneurship-themed reality show produced by Hope Ventures, the investment arm of Hope Fund, launches ‘Beban Auditions’ to be aired on Beban’s YouTube channel, ‘Beban ME.’

Beban Auditions is a newly introduced segment added to the second season of the show. It is comprised of a series of short clips of Beban entrepreneurs as they pitch their promising businesses to a panel of reputable judges for the chance to get accepted to pitch to investors on Beban TV show.

The first three Beban Auditions’ clips are set to premiere on Beban’s YouTube channel, ‘Beban ME’, starting October 1st, and will continue to air every Saturday until November 5th. Determining entrepreneurs’ acceptance to the show is a panel of industry expert judges who represent the private sector and carry a wealth of experience and knowledge in investment and entrepreneurship.

Commenting on the auditions, Fajer Al Pachachi, General Manager of Hope Ventures shared: “I am excited to launch the auditions as they allow viewers to witness the rigorous selection process for Beban TV show. I am even more excited for viewers to see the panel of expert judges who helped facilitate the process with us by providing valuable constructive feedback to the entrepreneurs.”

She further added, “Entrepreneurs who were selected will now proceed to pitch for equity investment on season 2 of Beban, and those who didn’t make it beyond auditions still gained valuable mentorship that will help accelerate their growth which will allow them to come back stronger for season 3.”

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Hope Ventures thanks His Highness Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa, representative of His Majesty the King for Humanitarian Affairs and Youth Affairs, for His guidance and unwavering support that led to this monumental milestone.

Tune in for the first episode of Beban Auditions on Beban’s YouTube channel ‘Beban ME’ to get a front-row seat to discussions that typically take place behind closed doors to determine entrepreneurs’ selection for Beban.

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