Exploring Arab culture, cuisine, and heritage through Womena’s ‘Third Culture Kitchens’

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Womena is taking you and your taste buds on a journey of remembrance with the new YouTube series “Third Culture Kitchens” which explores the intrinsic ways in which food connects us to our culture and heritage. 

“The scents, tastes, and unique memories made in the kitchen ground us and connect us to each other,” says host Nadia Gilbert, who is a Palestinian-American chef, visual artist, and host of the popular cooking show “Sahtein!.” 

Womena is a media company that highlights the stories of female change makers from the region, bringing their voices to a global audience through videos, podcasts, articles and photography. “Third Culture Kitchens” is Womena’s first exclusive YouTube series. 

Rediscovering the herbs, spices, plants and various other ingredients that have been allies of the region for centuries, Nadia and her guests explore one staple ingredient found in Arab kitchens in each of the eight episodes: from sage to rose to pomegranates, lentils, and more. 

Through cooking and conversation with featured guests with Arab heritage, the series also explores different cuisines from across the region and how younger generations have adapted traditional recipes with modern cooking techniques. 

Some of the featured guests include Lebanese storyteller, herbalist, and ancestral remembrance practitioner Layla Feghali who joins Nadia to make a versatile rose syrup with honey that we can use in endlessly creative ways. Dina Macki, an Omani-Zanzibari chef, food writer, and developer discusses how cardamom is used in both savory and sweet dishes, and its unique ability to enhance flavor. 

Amani Atallah, a paramedic and herbalist, discusses the key role sage served in helping her return home to her roots and cultivate a deeper connection to herself. “It’s even known as the herb of wisdom too because it helps with cognition and memory.” 

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Guest Zeina Zeytoun shares her personal discoveries around the joy and connection that comes from recreating her family’s dishes. “When you’re brought up watching the women in

your families make these dishes and then you do it too, it resonates with who you are and it’s something I’m good at.” 

Through these exchanges of stories, shared experiences, and cooking together, we learn about the cultural significance, history, and use of these ingredients and how their flavors have a timeless way of filling us with a sense of home, belonging, and comfort. This series is a Womena production in collaboration with Nadia’s cooking show, “Sahtein!” Subscribe to Womena on Youtube to watch full episodes.

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