Bahrain will welcome a new padel club in September

Press Release.

A new Padel Club is set to open in Dilmunia, as the island’s newest tourist attraction will open its doors in September. 

Ithmaar Development Company (IDC), the master developer of Dilmunia, has signed an  agreement to build and operate a new outdoor state-of-the-art padel sport center. 

Aligned with Dilmunia’s vision and mandate to create healthy communities where wellbeing and vitality are the focus, the launch of the new Padel Club, meets the demands of residents and visitors who are looking for new wellness focused activities  and will set a new standard for entertainment offerings within Dilmunia island, and the Kingdom. Such venues will encourage consumers to engage in sports activities and  access high-quality premium options within the Kingdom. 

IDC CEO Mohammed Khalil Alsayed stated, “We look forward to welcoming visitors and  residents to this new attraction. The club will offer world-class padel courts and has  been established with the main objective of making wellness sport facilities accessible  to our communities.” 

Mohammed Khalil Alsayed further stated “Padel is considered one of the fastest  growing sports in the world that is booming with popularity and is continuing to thrive  consistently. The club is set to play a fundamental role in promoting the sport in Bahrain  and we are pleased to open our sport center in Dilmunia.  

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The new Padel Club encompasses 5 courts situated in the southwest corner of Dilmunia, next to The Dilmunia Canal, the Kingdom’s largest man-made water canal, stretching from the Dilmunia Marina in the north to Dilmunia Garden in the south with its  stunning views and dancing fountains. Furthermore, the club offers a stunning sea view  overlooking the Muharraq coastline. 

The popular outdoor alternative is a safe and great way for friends and families to get  together and is applicable for all ages. The padel court offers a range of services and  amenities including car parking, restrooms, and a resting area. 

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