Darisni rolls out online learning for 250k WalaPlus users in KSA

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KSA, May 3 2021: Darisni, DARS’ award-winning e-learning platform recently signed an annual agreement with WalaPlus, KSA’s premiere corporate loyalty platform, to roll out exclusive Darisni packages for their Elite success partners. With both public and private sector giants signed up for WalaPlus, Darisni will be serving employees from companies like the Ministry of Housing, Riyad Airports, Saudi Commission for Health Specialties, Saudi Electricity Company, Aramco, KPMG, Rajhi Bank, and Virgin Mobile to name a few. 

The partnership will allow Darisni to reach out to 250,000+ Saudi-based employees and their families with discount offers for the platform’s coveted on-demand online tutoring program. The app targeted towards students also offers learning journeys, mock tests and special developmental skills trainings like photography and coding. 

Commenting on the partnership, Basem M. Zuraiqi, Country Sales Manager (KSA) said, “KSA has always been one of our most important markets, and we are extremely excited to be partnering with WalaPlus on this annual deal. The agreement will enable us to reach out to an even larger number of users, helping them create more cohesive learning environments for their children. Through Darisni, it has been our consistent effort to allow for education to continue unhindered, regardless of accessibility challenges.”

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WalaPlus since its inception has been working to help companies increase employee engagement and job satisfaction through their various programs. A large part of employee well-being and happiness is dependent on how efficiently they are able to manage their home lives. Given the current circumstances brought on by COVID-19, one of the biggest challenges for working parents has been ensuring educational continuity of their children. The partnership will bring some much-needed relief for parents through Darisni’s online on-demand tutoring service. “We are confident that our partnership with Darisni will enable us to provide even better benefits to our current Wala Plus users.  Darisni’s addition to the WalaPlus portfolio will help us reach out to approximately 300 Company’s employees and their families, who can now support their child’s educational development,” said Mr. Jameel Daghlas, Partnerships Manager at WalaPlus. 

Darisni, which is DARS’ maiden project was designed after years of research in to the everyday challenges that students’ face when looking for assistance with their courses after school. With private tutoring being expensive and sometimes unreachable, Darisni gives students a way to access on-demand tutoring online, while also providing them various tools to enhance their self-study effort. It has been Dars’ continued effort to lead the region in meeting the demands of today’s digital educators and learners, through adaptive and accessible educational tools that go beyond the traditional one-size-fits-all, rigid paper-based learning. 

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