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Sarahah’s app founder launches Enoff – an app to create a safe and healthy work environment, here’s how

Founder of Sarahah app, Zain-Alabdin Tawfiq launches a new app called Enoff to combat harassment people might face in their workplace.

Enoff is a play on the word enough, and it aims to aid organizations in creating safe and healthy work environment by encouraging their staff to come forward and report any kind of issues in regard to their safety, harassment, theft, discrimination of any type, anonymously.  

Employers can utilize this service by creating an account and inviting their employees share feedback through Enoff’s website or app secretly. While the employees’ identities remain unknown, the option of responding to them lies with the employer.

Speaking on the launch of Enoff, Zain said,  “Our mission has always been to create a service to help people. The first app we built aimed to help people feel comfortable sharing honest and constructive feedback.” he shared, “Now, by launching Enoff online and on the App Store, we’re hoping to create a safe digital space for companies where they can receive feedback about workplace issues from their employees in an easy manner without having them disclose their identities.”

Although Enoff is available to download on iOS devices for free, when we checked it out, the app doesn’t seem to be operating just yet. We do remain hopeful though!


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