Spill the Zain! Hear these Zain Youthers reflect on their experience

It’s a tough world out there for young people, and that’s without counting the stress of contemplating whether you’re well-equipped enough to work in a professional environment, or have enough skills to get you by. 

So what can you do? If you haven’t heard of Zain’s Youth Empowerment program before, allow us to enlighten you. Dubbed ‘Zain Youth’ (ZY), it’s a training program that prepares young Bahrainis for the real challenges they’ll face in the business world. This unique opportunity helps them enhance their employability skills to take on their first career steps post-graduation, and take on any tasks they’re met with in stride. Wish we joined back in our college days!  

That said, we’re introducing you to two of Zain Youth’s very best: Sanad Bin Sanad and Nada Aref. Sanad is a 22 year old student working at Zain Bahrain as a team leader in the contact center. He joined the program back in June 2019 as a call center agent with a knack for handling critical cases. As for Nada, her journey started in the customer care center, and she steadily worked her way to becoming a stable agent who focuses on the communication aspect via social media, and assists her team leader on occasion. 

While the professional development aspect of ZY is as clear as day, the program is beyond just strengthening youth’s occupational base. Sanad told us that ZY actually helped him with his people-skills.“At first, I was a bit nervous when it came to interacting with people and customers. It took me a while to adapt to the environment.” However, Sanad emphasized how much his communication and leadership skills have improved nowadays. 

Nada, on the other hand, mentioned that she didn’t feel particularly included in her previous work environments but ever since joining Zain Youth, she’s felt more engaged with her workplace and she’s enjoyed the transformation she underwent, courtesy of building good relationships with Zainers from different ranks and departments. Self-independence, assertiveness, as well as effective teamwork seems to be a factoring result of the type of atmosphere the program’s surrounded its participants with.  

Patience and professionalism are key skills for Sanad, as he contributed developing both of said skills with the experience he’s obtained from Zain Youth. Nada stressed the importance of expanding one’s circle of knowledge to stimulate creativity, incentivize productivity and progress. We can attest to that! 

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We couldn’t end our conversation with Sanad and Nada without asking them about their tips and tricks for undergraduate students and fresh graduates, naturally. Both Zain Youthers noted how significant failure can be to a story of learning and success, and the need to achieve any goal requires hardwork and patience. 

Joining workshops and learning from practical experience plays a big role in personal development and sense of accomplishment, as it does to prepare students to venture into the workforce. Zain’s determination into creating an engaging, dynamic and learning environment has resulted in an enriching experience for the two, let alone all the other Zain Youthers. 

Are you considering joining or perhaps telling a friend? What do you think about integrating the youth into the workforce to help them prepare for whatever challenges they may face later on? Share your thoughts with us through our social media platforms Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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