Perfecting your pitch has never been easier with this course

Pitching to investors is not exactly the easiest thing to do in the world – yet, it’s the most crucial part of any business. Newly launched startups and young entrepreneurs need to know the basics of pitching, this could either be learned through by jumping right into the deep without preparation aka trial and error, or taking the time to research and read more about how you can present your startup to an investor in a short non-boring way.

We at Startup MGZN, recommend the latter. This is why we bring you the Perfect’ Pitch Deck Blueprint & Checklist, launched by Jose Paul Martin, a private equity investor and advisor based in Bahrain. The course is part of a larger 1-on-1 accelerator program called The PITCHPROCESS Framework that is put together for entrepreneurs to prepare and perfect their pitch.

The Blueprint forms the core of the program, where 12 commandments are outlined on the pitch decks, and each commandment, displayed in a slide, has a lot of ingredients to make it work – they can even be tweaked towards your real target, the investor. With this blueprint, it gives the entrepreneur an insider’s perspective at how investors think and view their pitches.

For the Blueprint – instead of staring at a blank slide, Jose gives the 12 commandments to pitch decks, each commandment or slide has a lot of ingredients to make it work, and more importantly, they’re tweaked towards your real target – the investor.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don’t think from an investors point of view, and that’s why they lose the attention of the investor. With this blueprint, Jose gives them an insider’s perspective -being a private equity and venture capitalist himself-, at how investors are thinking and viewing these pitches.

Aside from the ‘Perfect’ Pitch Deck Blueprint & Checklist course, there’s also the accelerator program called The PITCHPROCESS Framework, a 1-on-1 program, spanning an intensive 4 weeks and covers the following topics: 1) Finding Investors 2) Pitching Investors 3) Negotiating With Investors. There is an application process for this program and only entrepreneurs who can commit a minimum of 1 hour each day will be accepted.

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