“Companies will not ask for your certificate anymore, but you have to show your skills and get noticed. They call it headhunting which means if you are good at something we will be searching for you,” says Paula Samir, founder of FreshersHub, a search engine for job seekers.

The 25-year-old founder founded Freshershub, in order to find a real solution that matches between fresh graduates and employers.

Samir is not the only entrepreneur who thought out of the box; other startups are also working on the same problem with different solutions such as Fast Forward and HireHunt. We sat down with these startups where they told us about their new methods that help in combating the issue of unemployment in Egypt.

Eslam Samir, 22, Marketing Executive at Fast Forward told Startup MGZN that his startup offers students in high schools and universities a chance to work in high-profile enterprises in different fields for one day. According to Eslam, this is called career simulation, where you choose a company in a field you’re interested in.

So where exactly is the real problem in the recruitment scene according to startups working in this sector?

For Paula of FreshersHub, the problem lies in the lack of awareness of the job market. There are a few qualified candidates that prepare themselves for it. “Our vision is to educate the market and to prepare qualified candidates for the jobs of the future by learning digital skills.”

HireHunt founder Basil Fateen further explains that one of the main problems is that the education is not preparing the graduates for the real market.

Alternatively, the issue is not only from job seekers, but it’s also from employers or recruiters themselves. “Hiring bias is another main issue as many recruiters are limiting their selection to certain universities, age, or years of experiences, making it harder for them to find what they want and leave many unemployed,” Basil added.

HireHunt online platform is unique as it shows the real skills, true personality, and communications features in each applicant. “Applicants do explore themselves through playing games, answering questions, solving missions; this helps them know their point of weakness and strengths and what they can really do.

“The CV cannot show your real talents, but HireHunt helps job seekers find interaction methods that help both recruiters to get the info they seek,” according to Fateen.

Digging deeper in Egypt’s recruitment scene in Egypt, Eslam Samir of FastForward, says: “The main problem is that a lot of people choose their majors based on which career they think is best for them, but after studying and seeing the reality of the field, things are different.”

“Instead of possibly spending a few years studying something or working in something that you’re not passionate about, you can see the reality of it first before you commit to pursuing it.

How do the young founders solve the hard equation?

Samir of Fast Forward explains: “You choose a company in a field you’re interested in, you go to their office, and you try out working there for a day, all facilitated through an easy-to-use mobile application.”

Paula adds: “We built a platform full of the best job opportunities for both undergraduate students and fresh graduates only. We segmented and categorized it into different titles and majors to make it much easier for everyone.“ We also offer inspirational workshops in different fields like Chatbot developing, WordPress developing, Social media and Digital marketing, Emotional intelligence, Freelance copywriting, Radio Presenting and Gamified Small business workshop to help youth to start their own business while they are in the college.

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 “We write about young entrepreneurs from 13-25 years old who already started their own business and they reached a good point. a kind of motivation to them and to the community,” he added.

Growth expectations

“Some of our partners include IBM, Valeo, GM, MO4, Kijamii, DNE, among many others. What we’re aiming to do is have simulation partners in as many fields as possible, so whatever field you wish to try, it’ll be possible,” according to Eslam of Fast Forward, adding that “Since our mobile application’s release just a couple of months back, there have been over 1,400 completed simulations.”

Meanwhile, Fateen added that HireHunt hit 50,000 clients, and deals with 100 companies, hoping to grow big not only in its quantity but also in impacting the whole region.

Recruiters fields of interests

Job seekers are looking for so many fields but the highest traffic was for Business Development, Marketing, Digital Marketing Accounting, Banking, Scholarships, Coding and Designing. There is a lot of current vacancies will extinct as the existence of the technology will replace it with bots and apps.

Overall, the recruitment scene in Egypt nowadays can be seen as very agile. The rise in popularity of online recruitment websites makes the process much more streamlined.

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