Khalid AlMuharraqi An interview with an unusual artist


Can you introduce us to Muharraqi studios?

Muharraqi studios was founded 10 years ago and was driven since then by my personal passion to art and 3D. We mainly work on architectural visualization and project walkthroughs. This has been our main business since we started. Today, we also do TV commercials, 3D environments and production for TV shows just like the famous Ramadan program “Sha3beytat Alcartoon”

When did you discover your passion for art and graphics?

I am originally a traditional artist. I started painting since I was 10. I never thought I would get into the digital industry but that was somehow the evolution of traditional art versus technology.

What makes Khalid AlMuharraqi unique?

I don’t consider myself unique but I think every creative person in the industry has a style he/she wants to portrait to the viewer, I just try to follow my passion and what suits my eyes.

How did you transform your talent and passion into a full-time career/business?

I initially started a company that does advertising and graphic design. In my free time, I used to explore 3D art out of interest and curiosity. I got in love with it and ended up spending 8 hours every day after work to study and learn the concepts, applications, and techniques until I got recognized by industry experts in the 3D world for my work.

Being an artist and an entrepreneur at the same time is a challenge, how do you manage both roles?

Trying to balance both roles is very difficult, as one is what you love to do while the other is basically what you have to do. There is a lot of mix of happy and unhappy days.

What are your greatest milestones/accomplishments?

My greatest milestone is that I have reached a bit closer to where I want to go.

How did you grow your business to reach regional and international markets?

If your product is good, you will automatically reach and people will be after you to work with them. In my case, I have worked with American, European, Japanese and even Austrailian firms. We have been hired by different companies to develop products that fit their usage.

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What do you think of the entrepreneurship support in Bahrain?

I think we are moving forward, but still behind schedule. The more we put our hands together and join forces to support young entrepreneurs set up their businesses and projects, the healthier the environment would be and the brighter the future.

Have you benefited from any of the support programs?

I have benefited from a number of Tamkeen support programs and found that they are very supportive. I would, however, urge them to look at different support programs based on the company/industry rather than the size of the business or number of employees. I think this can make a great difference.

What’s your advice for young entrepreneurs in the Graphics business?

My advice to entrepreneurs is to follow their dreams and never give up or take the negatives that come along the way. Try to focus on the positives. You are the only one who can determine if your business will be successful or not.

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