Are you seeking a fulfilling training opportunity to add an  edge to your CV? Do you want an inside look into some of Bahrain’s most innovative roles that will certainly differentiate you from the crowd? Look no further – Bahrain FinTech Bay’s National FinTech Talent Program (FTP) is sure to satisfy all your professional needs.

First things first, what is the FinTech Talent Program?  

FTP is a training, certification and internship program that is the first and only of its kind in the Middle East. It has been developed in partnership with global experts in finance and technology, including

Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, and international blockchain and artificial intelligence academies. Not only does FTP enable you with the skills to thrive in Bahrain’s financial services industry, but it also prepares you for careers in FinTech innovation. Graduating from this program, young graduates will be fully equipped with the professional skills and insightful experience to flourish within the financial services industry.

Now, how can YOU secure yourself a spot in this one-of-a-kind training and development program in FinTech?

It all begins with a simple click of the FTP online application, which can be found on the website /fintech-talent-program. The application will be open for a period of five weeks. After you’ve filled out your information, take a deep breath knowing that you’ve may have changed the course of your career.

That all sounds great but you’re probably wondering- what does the FTP Program entail?

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an exclusive career fair, where they will get a chance to meet with over 30 potential employers under one roof. Applicants will get the opportunity to network, pitch themselves and gain insight into some of the most innovative roles Bahrain has to offer. Successful candidates will begin a 6-month internship in innovation/digitalization and FinTech roles whilst also  receiving mentorship from an assigned partner of Bahrain FinTech Bay. During the internship , candidates will be enrolled in the Georgetown FinTech Course, a professional development course in FinTech, delivered and certified by Georgetown University.

Here’s what you need to know about the Georgetown FinTech course.

Professor James Angel, a prominent name within the FinTech industry, will be leading the course. Not only will he be delivering key classroom sessions in Bahrain but he will also be providing invaluable insight as the co-inventor of 12 FinTech patents. The course itself is a 3-month online, real-time program, comprising of seven modules and four case-studies designed by prominent industry thought leaders.

Why should you choose to kick-start your career with the FTP Program?

Looking for a job is challenging. Finding a fulfilling and innovative role  is even more challenging. The FTP Program will equip you with the necessary skills required to prepare for the future and take advantage of the opportunities arising from FinTech. Top performing candidates will also have the opportunity to gain international experience in FinTech through internship placements in Singapore, New York, Detroit and San Francisco.

Are you eligible to apply for the FTP Program?

The FTP Program invites high potential Bahraini candidates to apply to the program. Candidates must be based in Bahrain for  the duration of the program.

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Here are some important dates to remember.

28 February – Online applications close

17 March- Career Fair

1 April- Internship period –  6 Months

13 April Georgetown course – 3 Months

Remember to apply using the FTP online application, which can be found on the FinTech Consortium Institute website here.

If you are a professional who is interested in applying for the Georgetown professional development course in Fintech, you can find the application on the FinTech Consortium Institute website!

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