Get to know Bahrain’s Solid Design Studio, upclose

In the age of technology, everything we knew made the digital switch from real life to be online. Marketing is no exception, as it now focuses more on targeting online audiences on social media and internet websites. 

Still-image advertisements are not being designed for billboards anymore, and video commercials are not filmed to be aired after the 7PM newscast on television. Those advertisements are conceptualized to be posted on Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and more. 

That being said, it’s only natural for us to want to explore the world of marketing and design in the GCC. We had the pleasure of having a conversation with the team at Solid Design Studio to do just that, continue reading to learn all about them!

As a multidisciplinary design and marketing agency, they rode the wave to be exactly where the audience is, to provide their clients with the most efficient form of marketing. At Solid, the team curates for brands’ Solid plans and guides to help them find the way to their audience and transform their brands into its perfect form. 

Solid is a group of designers, thinkers, creative directors, strategists, artists and marketeers. The team is led by the Founder & CEO Buthaina Alabbasi who offers consultations and creative direction. Alongside her is the General Manager Shaikha Alabbasi who works on business management and client relations. The team is managed by Amal Albalooshi who takes care of the day-to-day operations while also working on interior design. Solid has Zainab Alasfoor crunching their numbers as she handles all their financial planning and accounting. 

Heading over to the graphic designers at Solid, they’re Hala Alabbasi, who specializes in digital art (did you know that Hala collaborated last Ramadan with Instagram to create the OFFICIAL Ramadan Instagram stickers? Pretty cool stuff!) and Reem Albannai, who excels in production management. Business Development Manager Raghad Hisham takes care of strategizing and marketing while working closely with copywriter Ghadeer Albannai who also creates strategies alongside copywriting and proofreading. Mariam Alabbasi who is a content creator works on social media management and graphic designing. And finally, Mohamed Jaffar, their social media specialist excels in content creation and photography & videography directing. (Fun fact: We also featured Mohamed and his podcast, Fa9la, before in our 7 Bahraini podcasts article here!)

Doesn’t the team sound super awesome? Kinda makes you wish you could join them, doesn’t it? But in a world where design is highly demanded, we were wondering how Solid makes sure they stand out and offer unique services.

“We approach projects with boldness and a direction set on producing unique work that stands out in the market. Solid is not your ordinary design agency, as we love to initiate unconventional projects and we never say no to new ideas. This can be seen and felt by looking at our work and projects produced by Solid. Our passion is design and we strive to always nurture talent. Solid aims to provide a hub for creatives where they illustrate and express their talent in the most supportive environment.” – Buthaina, answering our question. 

It’s great to see the team succeeding at what they do. In fact, the future is already here for them, as a new Solid space was opened in Riyadh to house Saudi creatives to innovate and excel alongside their Bahraini team. We love to see local expansions! 

The team is excited about their new branch, as Buthaina shared with us: “Having two Solid spaces separated by the great sea did not come as a challenge to us. As the market we serve moved to online, so did our work. We pride ourselves in the fact that all our work can be operated and run smoothly from anywhere in the world. You can be in Bali or Paris, and still be able to work!” Ah, we’d love to be working from home in Bali though. Where do we sign up?

Looking inwards at the team and their goals, they shared that their goal is to always appreciate and celebrate design, not only theirs but others’ too. This is why they created the platform @re.solid on Instagram, to empower, support and celebrate Arab outstanding creatives. 

Naturally, any work that deals with clients is pretty serious. Buthaina shared that in spite of that, they like to keep it fun and lighthearted around the office.“We operate as a team, and our work is run by various team members who add, suggest, fix and perfect! Every team member has their own strength and we make sure to highlight those strengths in our work to come out with projects that are Solid.”  

She elaborated: “Our friendliness and lightheartedness is felt by our clients too as we always aim to build strong relationships with them. Getting to know them on a personal level helps and allows us to understand their goals and wishes better.” 

As for their vision for beyond their currently bright present, they’d like for Solid to be the go-to and lead design agency not only in Bahrain but the region. They shared that they can reach that by building a household with a supportive and encouraging environment that warmly homes all creatives and creators. Check them out and contact them by going to our Instagram or website!

Got any questions about Solid? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our social media platforms on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

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