Female Bahraini doctors pioneer Teleradiology services to Bahrain

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Manama, Bahrain 27 June 2021:
Following the launch of their company, ‘The Light Box’; the Bahrain-based teleradiology service provider, founders Dr. Mai Mattar and Dr. Nawal Al Hamar, are leading the medical field alongside a group of board certified, subspecialized consultant Radiologists who provide world-class diagnostic services to individual patients and healthcare institutions.

‘The Light Box’ was established in 2018 as the brain child of three Consultant Radiologists from Bahrain, Doctors Mai Mattar, Suzanne Abbas and Nawal Al Hamar, with the aim to provide accurate, fast and cost effective radiology solutions remotely, either for individual patients or via established healthcare institutions, using the latest technologies and utilizing their network of regional experts. 

The NHRA-certified company is composed of a strong network of professional radiologists from within the region, and works hand in hand with hospitals to educate technicians, improve diagnostic services and provide better utilization of their equipment to ensure delivery of accurate and timely scan readings to their patients.

Dr. Mai Mattar

Commenting on the establishment of the company, Dr. Mai Mattar, Consultant Musculoskeletal Radiologist and founding member, said: “As Bahraini women, we were brought up to believe that it was our national duty to contribute positively to our country and make a tangible difference within society; and this is how the ‘The Light Box’ was formed. As professionals in the medical field, with over 50 years of collective experience, we realized that Bahrain, like the rest of the world, is facing a global deficiency in specialized Radiologists.  This ultimately leads to inaccurate diagnosis and affects patient management.” 

“For hospitals, a deficiency in experienced Radiologists poses a great risk to patient care. It also means that hospitals are unable to fully utilize their equipment or obtain cutting edge diagnostic services. The downtime and lack of resources, compounded with the high costs of retaining highly-qualified employees, were substantial factors hindering healthcare institutions across the Kingdom,” she added.

“The introduction of our solution-based company into the market strives to address these operational issues and optimize efficiencies within hospitals and healthcare institutions, alleviating the pressure on our Kingdom’s medical resources while maintaining certified international standards in diagnostic services. As doctors whose sworn aim is to help people, we wanted to bring world-class services to this part of the world, and make them accessible, affordable and easy to find for everyone. We currently are the largest group of Consultant Radiologists in the Kingdom,” Dr. Mai concluded.

Dr. Nawal Al Hamar

Dr. Nawal Al Hamar, Consultant body imaging Radiologist and founding member, added: “The global healthcare sector has quickly shifted towards a more digital-centric approach that harnesses the latest technologies to deliver more accurate and timely results. Especially during COVID, the global healthcare industry has seen a tremendous shift towards telemedicine, with teleradiology being a great asset during these difficult times.

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Leading hospitals in the world, including teaching hospitals, utilize Teleradiology services to cover their current and expanding needs including emergency and out-of-hour services. As professionals, we are keen to embrace new technologies to enhance our country’s medical services, personalizing them to suit our clients’ needs. The majority of companies who offer similar solutions globally typically rely on anonymous diagnosticians to provide conclusive readings, with a one-size-fits-all service. As Bahrainis with a local operations base, we are physically on-hand and only a phone call or message away, making us better suited to provide patients with a more accurate diagnosis.” 

 ‘The Light Box’ works to reduce costs on healthcare institutions and increase revenues by providing fully-tailored accessible, real-time remote diagnostic services covering the different imaging modalities, with zero down-time and quick turnaround time on results. The company is currently operational across several countries in the region, with the largest market being KSA, and boasts a large team of highly specialized consultant radiologists from around the region, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

‘The Light Box’ is currently affiliated with Al Salam Specialist Hospital, the American Mission Hospital and Bahrain Specialist Hospital, in addition to new upcoming hospital projects in the pipeline. It is also a strategic partner of Diagnostics Elite, Saudi Arabia’s leading, fully-licensed teleradiology provider.

For more information, please visit https://thelightboxteleradiology.com/

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