You’ve surely heard of Tamkeen Bahrain’s Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) and their exciting variety of 30+ events and workshops for startups, entrepreneurs, and more! If not, a great summary of GEW is that it’s an entire week during which entrepreneurs and creative minds join forced through a wide collection of sessions, workshops, and events that aims to result in economic growth. Pretty cool, right?

Speaking of cool, one event during GEW you wouldn’t want to miss is Zoholics! So, what’s Zoholics? And what’s in it for you to attend this event? Well, let’s lay out the basics of it then answer your questions. Zoholics will take place on the 20th of November, from 8:30 am till 6 pm, at Crowne Plaza Bahrain. It’s brought to us for the very first time in Bahrain by Zoho; the US based SaaS company with roots in India.

The best is yet to come, Startup MGZN comes bearing gifts! Register here for Zoholics Bahrain using this code: ZSTUPMGZN and get a 100% discount on your ticket. It’s basically for free! Now, the real juice is about the speakers. We bet you’re super curious as to who’s going to be doing that at the event. No worries, we got your back! Zoholics speakers this year are:

Hyther Nizam

Hyther is the Vice President of Product Management at Zoho MEA. He leads a division of quite a diverse bunch of Zoho applications for different functions such as Zoho Creator, Zoho Sheets, Zoho Sites, Zoho Connect, and Zoho Flow among many others. On the day of the event, specifically at 10:20 am, Hyther will be unveiling Zoho’s latest updates, new products in their pipelines, their local and regional expansions, in addition to a little bit of their background and their approach to business software.

Ashika Rehana
Ashika’s session is ideal for those with a focus on finance, as it’s titled “Taking Charge of Your Backoffice Operations”. At around 11:45 am, Ashika will indulge in how the VAT-compliant Zoho Finance Suite can help you take the complete control of your business operations, regardless of the size of the organization. Especially with focusing on ROI and cash flow while keeping your finances in-check with reports, automations, and integrations. Quite an important session, if you’d ask us!

Prem Anand
Prem’s passion about understanding customer’s requirements and finding the right business solutions got him where he is today as Zoho MEA’s Business Solutions Manager. He actually leads the technical team of MEA. He will be giving a session about “Customer Experience at the Core of Your Business”. He will be sharing tips, tricks, methods and techniques of always being in front of your customers at the right place, right time, with the right messaging using Zoho CRM Plus suite. All of which while also keeping in mind your business’ sales pipeline, marketing efforts, customer support and overall business Intelligence. Catch his session at 1:45 pm!

Ali Shabdar
Ali’s story is quite interesting. He’s currently the Director of Business Development at Zoho MEA. It all began when he used Zoho Creator to build a CRM for his real estate company, within a single afternoon. That’s right, in just ONE AFTERNOON! Ali will be sharing his experience on Automating the Business Processes With Creator, along with a case study at around 4:45 pm. Sounds compelling, doesn’t it?

Shravan Thorvey
Another interesting story is Shravan’s; while he’s currently a Product Marketer in Zoho, he started out in a field that’s not even remotely related to marketing, Mechanical Engineering! He found his calling in improving products by transforming their complex ideas into creative, charming, and thoughtful stories. Shravan, at around 5:30 pm, will talk all about managing the entire HR processes for your business, regardless of the complexity of HR policies. All of which while using Zoho People and Recruit, with their relevance to Zoho Projects and Zoho Books. Awesome, right?

See Also

Along with the above mentioned sessions, there will be sessions on collaborating effectively and intelligently. This session will cover how workplace is becoming more experiential and what we can do to embrace this change along with collaborating in an efficient way.

And do not forget the one of the most important session on Zoho One – One platform that can run your entire business. This session will focus on how Zoho One can fuel your almost all the business software requirements – be it for Sales, Marketing, HR, Support, Finance etc.

And of course, an entrepreneurship event is not so without a networking segment. Meet with fellow business owners, technology enthusiasts and exchange ideas, stories and actionable insight. It’s encouraged that you attend with your team of co-workers, to fully experience and fathom the benefits of Zoho’s solutions!

Will we be seeing you at Zoholics? We should be! You get to learn a lot, socialize with cool people, and have a good time all at once!

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