Why ‘Social Media’ II: Create an Online Presence for your Business!

In the last issue, I talked about why it’s important for startups and entrepreneurs to use social media as their #1 marketing tactic to attract more customers and sell more products, and today I’m going to explain to you why and how this works.

Why does social media work? 

First of all, social media is an important element in creating a total online presence for your product or service. Why is that important, you might ask? Well, there have been radical changes in customer behavior of the years, which significantly impacted how we do business and buy or sell products & services. Customers no longer come to your shop and ask about a certain product they might be interested in. Instead, they walk into your shop knowing exactly what they want, which means the purchase decision is already made and they are here only to make the transaction.

Know Your Product!

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How on earth did that happen? Well, you might relate to the fact that many of us nowadays have enough information about any product we want to buy or purchase more than the seller himself. Have you ever noticed that you know more details and features of a certain product you are about to buy than the salesman? You might even ask him some simple questions and he won’t have an answer. So how did all that happen?

The answer is simple. More and more customers are ‘googling’ the products they want to purchase and read about all the features online. They will read customer reviews on various blog posts and social media networks just to make sure they are taking the right decision of buying this product. It’s very important to individuals to make the right purchase decision to avoid getting disappointed later on. An aspect so important, that it will make your customers put an extra effort in doing intensive research about your product before making the final purchase decision.

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