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Want to take your startup to the next level? The BDB Rowad Program is ideal to support your startup’s needs!

We all know how challenging it gets when your startup is at its early-seed stage – you’re all over the place, unsure of who to reach out to, how to manage your finances, and not to mention, waiting for your startup to break-even can be draining. This is why we bring you a program that will help you through every step of your startup’s journey – we promise that it’ll minimize your stress, and boost your productivity.

BDB Rowad is a comprehensive platform run out of the Development Services division of Bahrain Development Bank designed to assist and empower entrepreneurs in starting their business. The program aims to support entrepreneurs and startup eco-system by providing product and services at any stage of the business cycle starting as early as the idea stage. The program’s objective is to foster the creation and development of enterprises and provide support to enhance the productivity and growth of enterprises and individuals by providing a holistic eco-system for entrepreneurs. The BDB Rowad Program offers a variety of solutions supporting the needs of entrepreneurs to help start or grow their business through either the BDB Rowad Program, Seed-Fuel, and the Invested platform.  

The BDB Rowad program has a number of services and learning tools that will surely help accelerate your startup to the next level.

But what exactly can Rowad offer you? We at Startup MGZN highlighted 7 best services that Rowad can provide you with:

  1. Coaching. If you’re feeling stuck about what decision to make with regards to your startup, then having a coach by your side will definitely help.  They’ll be there for you to guide you, equip you with the right tools to solve problems and help you set and achieve your goals. Rest assured, coaching at Rowad is run by a team of certified coaches who’d track your personal progress in a structured approach. Some of these coaches include Areije Al Shakar, Budoor Kamal, Lamees Zaber, Sara Amin and others that you can find here.
  2. Training. Rowad training program helps entrepreneurs develop and enhance their soft and business skills, including communication, problem-solving, interpersonal skills, teamwork, presentation and pitching etc through its Rowad Specialized Workshops. These workshops could cover topics, but not limited to, management, marketing, human resources management, financial planning, and soft skills.
  3. Funding. Funding is a notable element in every startup’s journey where Rowad senses the entrepreneur’s ambition in obtaining adequate funding to support their startup. Rowad provides funding support through equity and debt financing clubbed with advisory support services, through its Seedfuel program. The program mainly supports startups that yield substantial economic, social & environmental benefits and give priority to projects with a strong impact on Bahrain’s economy such as high productivity, job creation, and export capabilities. You can apply for the Seedfuel program here.
  4. Mentoring. Rowad’s Mentoring Program is built to guide and support entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs and industry experts that have a wealth of knowledge and are very keen on supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Bahrain. The pool of mentors consists of organizations and individuals locally, regionally, and internationally from different backgrounds and expertise. Rowad Mentoring Program is also available globally whereby virtual mentorship can take place for entrepreneurs who do not reside in Bahrain. Some of the mentors include Suhail Algosaibi, Walid Mansour, Hamed Fakhro, Abdulaziz Al Jouf and many more of which you could find here.  
  5. Partners. Rowad Partners offer exclusive products and services that support entrepreneurs and their businesses. Rowad Partners is offered by local and regional partners exclusively to all Rowad Program members to avail and benefit at either preferential or pro bono rates. These services can fall under financial management, accounting & bookkeeping, IT support, legal support, human resources recruitment, consultancy, etc.
  6. Network. Entrepreneurship is not done right without networking. The Rowad Network is comprised of several organizations and industry professionals dedicated towards supporting entrepreneurs. The network comprises of public sector organizations, corporate organizations, accelerators, VCs, education & training organizations, and entrepreneurship/community networks. Through Rowad Network you will be able to link with such organizations that would be able to support the program platform along with your business needs and requirements.
  7. Events. Rowad Events was launched in 2015 to play an instrumental role in building and connecting the local and regional entrepreneur community. A suite of events are hosted throughout the year that includes Rowad Majlis™, Rowad Talk™, Rowad Workshops™, The Speed™, Pitched™, and Invested™. Attending these events allows you to take part in the StartUp Bahrain community, network and connect with other like-minded people and entrepreneurs.

We don’t know about you but the Rowad Program surely sounds rewarding. It’s the perfect stop for all of your startups’ needs: coaching, mentorship, funding, networking, events, links to partners and so much more that makes accelerating your startup a piece of cake.

You can read more about their program by checking out there website here. You can also follow them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to stay up to date with their future announcements and events.


Bayan Al-A'abed

Bayan Al-A'abed