Everyone’s in a frenzy right now, scurrying to do some last minute tasks. You’re probably finishing up your shopping, hitting the barber or salon, getting your henna on, and finally granting your mum’s wish of getting the Eid gdoo3, after days of nagging – all while calling upon your inner zen to maintain calm amongst the traffic and beeping horns. To put it simply, it’s the end game out there.

Last year, we listed you with some top 14 trademark Bahraini things that every Bahraini does during Eid. This year, we’re here again, but with a twist – and as the title suggests we decided to compile you with a list of all the things Bahrainis go through the night before Eid.

  1. Someone, somewhere is having a breakdown because they didn’t finish their Eid outfit. Whether it’s a bag, or some earrings, or an entire outfit, you have our condolences, but you just have to admit defeat at this point, since it’s the Hunger Games out there at the stores. We’re not one for blaming, but you had an entire month to shop! Too busy attending those ghabgas and stuffing your face with lgumait huh? Too bad though, you will still go to family gatherings with or without a new outfit. But here’s the bright side! Nearly all stores go on discount right after Eid!
  2. Has anyone seen the moon yet? The classic Bahraini annual argument during Ramadan. Previously, we used to glue ourselves to the TV waiting for the verdict, but nowadays, we’ve got social media for that, which is equally informative.
  3. Salon employees contemplate quitting. You’re probably aware by now with the jam-packed salons. Bahrainis can be extra during the night before Eid, and they channel it to the poor employees who’ve been on their feet for so long. To avoid such drama and long waiting time, how about you book your favorite salon in advance? And no it doesn’t require an awkward phone call with a frustrated hairdresser. You can find and book your appointments in advance using Fleek or Bookr.
  4. Fixing your sleeping schedule is a nightmare. You’re used to sleeping at 2 or 3 AM, waking up for work, and after it, sleeping until ftoor, unless you’re a lucky student on summer break who sleeps all day and only wakes up for ftoor. Nonetheless, you still have to fix your sleeping schedule because you’ll have to visit your family members the next morning – yes the ones you’ve probably been seeing everyday in Ramadan, but since it’s Eid, it’s considered different – don’t ask us how.
  5. Rushing to the supermarkets to get that extravagant gdoo3 on the table. We did mention last year that Eid is the only day where the Mackintosh’s Quality Street chocolates box has actual chocolate inside, instead of the classic grandma sewing kit, and that’s true. So the entire population of Bahrain are all over the island trying to get their hands on this customary Eid-tin box amongst other types of delicacies and savory bites including baqlawa, matai, nuts, pettifor biscuits, fruits (for the health conscious), and more.

    But we come bearing solutions! Technology is so advanced that you can now order whatever you want, including fruits, vegetables, snacks, flowers, and more with just a couple of taps on your phone! Consider GetBaqla your best friend when it comes to that. Also worried about the cooking for your big 3azeema? Then you’ve got to try Akalati – the perfect app for all your catering and hospitality needs that’s going to save you time and effort. Need a chocolate recommendation for your guests? Indulge in rich chocolate flavors mixed with an Arabian twist while also supporting a local Bahraini startup – Arabisc! And if you’re a big fan of dates and chocolates, check out Update  Cafe. They’re both available on Carriage and Talabat if you’d like to impress your guests. #supportlocals
  6. Chicken nuggets tweeting about other nuggets not knowing how to respond to Eid Greetings. It’s safe to say that this has become a tradition now. Every year, social media implodes with posts about Eid greetings, and what should you say and how to respond. Word of advice? Don’t say thanks! Here’s a cheat sheet that you can use tomorrow:
    و انت بصحة و سلامة كل عام و انتم بخير
    ايامك سعيدة عيدك مبارك
    من السالمين و الغانمين من العايدين و الفايزين 
    منا و منكم تقبل الله طاعتك

    Now is your chance to break the stereotypes of Chicken Nuggets! Make us proud.

And what about you? Do you have any traditions or rituals you go through every year the night before Eid? Share with us your thoughts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn!

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