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Step up your game with the upcoming STEP 2018 Conference. Can you handle it?

March 28 to 29 at Dubai Internet City, mark your calendars off, get your tickets, and prep yourself up for one of the largest, most experimental tech festival you’ll ever witness in the region!

STEP Conference, held annually in Dubai, brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, tech-experts from all around the world and provides them with the unique opportunity of meeting and connecting with other like-minded people and experts in the field of startups, creativity and entrepreneurship.

This year, STEP2018 has some new and exciting things for you in store – 4 awesome conferences, more than 250 startups showcasing, and 6000+ attendees in just TWO days! Don’t believe us? Here’s the breakdown:

    1. The 4 conferences. These upcoming conferences are going to leave you mindblown with all the amazing technology developments and innovation the world is going through:
      1. STEP Start. This conference is dedicated towards founders, startups, and entrepreneurs. It will include startup mentorship sessions, flagship pitch competitions, and partner activations. During this conference, renowned entrepreneurs will share their experience on setting up, ownership, the legalities of launching a tech startup in the region and so much more!
      2. STEP Digital. This is where all the fun kicks in. STEP Digital will feature exhibitions, workshops, and talks from global influencers in the digital media industry. What’s so great about it? Speakers from across the digital sector will be at the STEP Digital stage to discuss topics on “Arab Brands and Advertising” and “Publishers, Platforms & Agencies in the 21sts Century.” Not only that, but the panelists are also going to debate questions like “Is Artificial Intelligence the industry of the future and will it transform content creation, digital marketing, and customer service?”
      3. STEP X. Techie, geek, nerd? This is your cup of tea. STEP X focuses on future technology including smart cities, cloud, IoT, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, and regulation. Still confused about what actually is IoT? Well, you’re in luck because STEP X will also examine the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) from a business and personal perspective and whether there are any compromises in privacy.
      4. STEP Money. Jessie J is not going to be there to make the world dance instead of obsessing over money – however, the session will bring something much more valuable than that – it’s going to tackle the topic of financial technology including blockchain, cryptocurrency, and payments. It will feature talks, panels, workshops and roundtables, and exhibitions on the latest in financial technology.
    2. Startup Basecamp. Like it or not, if you’re an emerging startup you can’t say no to some really good exposure – It’s basically marketing yourself with little to no cost at all! In STEP, more than 250 startups will be showcasing across various conferences to reveal their latest technologies in their products and services. It’s the perfect opportunity for startups to meet with regional investors and VCs, and interact with other startups. You can showcase your startup by applying here. Wondering what more can you get it? Here’s some more:
      1. All-access tickets and branded booth. Showcases startups would get two tickets for the price of 1 for $349 to access all STEP Start, STEP Money, STEP X, STEP Digital, and the STEP 2018 Main stage in addition to a free branded booth. Startups that are already showcasing include: Entreprenelle, tap, letswork, etherty.
      2. Access to mentorships and workshops. Startup founders will be able to have a 1-on-1 meetings with mentors, in addition to roundtable mentoring sessions, and workshops with international mentors and industry experts.
      3. Pitch competition opportunity. Show off you what you got at STEP’s flagship pitch competition, where startups can present their products and services to leading investors and industry experts.
      4. Access to investors. One of the startups’ main concern is funding, and STEP is the perfect opportunity for you to hunt down and impress some investors. Some of the investors attending STEP include: Vision Ventures, Womena, Wamda, Middle East Venture Partners, ILIAD Partners and so much more. 
    3. The STEP Conference isn’t complete without STEP Music! This year, STEP Music will feature a line-up of the best local and regional hip-hop and alternative music artists. The festival will be held in Dubai’s most alternative nightlife venues: ON42 at Media One Hotel. STEP Music is powered by noon and will feature Shébani, Menon, Freek, DJ Karrouhat and more that you can check out here.

Don’t know about you but we’re super PUMPED for STEP 2018. Did you get your tickets yet? What are you waiting for? Hurry and get them NOW (they’re currently on discount!)

You can also check out STEP’s Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for their latest updates. And don’t forget to follow @startupmgzn on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for the full live coverage of STEP 2018.

Bayan Al-A'abed

Bayan Al-A'abed