Stay home this Eid and leave the food options to us! Check out our 5 restaurant recommendations

Eid al-Fitr is right around the corner and let’s admit it, food is all that matters especially after Ramadan (or maybe we’re just too hungry right now). We can all agree that the first bite of the Eid feast is the best feeling ever! But let’s not forget that we are still amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic; staying safe and protecting ourselves by following the health precautionary measures to protect our loved ones is necessary. So we’ve taken the pleasure of listing down a diverse variety of restaurants with cuisines that would suit everyone’s taste, and most importantly will make staying home this eid worth it! 

Here are 5 mouthwatering restaurants to try out 

  1. Raihana Qalby

If you’re looking for a restaurant with international cuisine but still want to maintain that local twist, Raihana Qalby will leave you satisfied and coming back for more! A dish we just can’t get enough of and will surely get you in the eid vibes is their “Raihana Slow Cooked Neck Makloba”. They have a diverse selection of dishes ranging from all types of Bao’s, Taco’s, Grills, and some healthy Poke Bowls too! Let’s not forget their yummy appetizers: Saffron Hummus to Tikka Cheese Fries! Go on, order your scrumptious dish now! They’re available through Talabat.

  1. Dar Zowayed

A restaurant that captures the essence of the Bahraini flavor is hands down – Dar Zowayed. We just love the variety of seeing all the dishes we grew up loving all in one place! They’re cooked to perfection “Chicken Biryani”, “Maqlooba”, “Machboos Hamour and Prawns” are all delicious feasts to share with friends and family. This restaurant also has an Italian twist: “Rose Ravioli”, “Seafood Rigatoni” just to name a few. If you’re hosting, order from this restaurant and be prepared for many compliments. 

  1. Lilly’s Garden 

Picture this; you’re at home; you’ve decided to decorate a spot for your family gathering, got all dressed up and you’re having a great time with your family and friends and to top it all of, your favorite dish from Lilly’s Garden just arrived at your doorstep. The scrumptious smell of the “Sea bass Sayadeyah” made you want to dig in right then and there. You set all the signature dishes on the table, from “Lilly’s Special Risotto” to the “Chicken Buffalo Quesadilla” and some yummy “Vine Leave Fatteh”. After the feast, you relax and virtually chat with your friends while having some watermelon lemonade (cool mix, right?). The perfect Eid lunch at home, you can order online and thank us later. 

  1. The Orangery

Some of us enjoy feeling the sophistication of British cuisine while still having an option of some traditional Arabic dishes; if that’s the case The Orangery is your best option! We personally love the “Shish Barak” and their signature “Scottish Salmon”. Be sure, to leave some space at the end for some delicious cake, the “Strawberry Gateau” definitely deserves the spotlight! 

See Also

  1. Lumee

Middle Eastern street food is unique and delicious in every way! You guessed it, we’re talking about Lumee! Bahraini Slang for Lemon and limes. Their food is flavor-packed, fresh, and zesty. Start off with some yummy “Ghoozi Croquettes”, and “Fresh Falafel”, when choosing the main dish we recommend the “Bahraini Lamb Kebab” or the “Spicy Lamb Chops”. Lumee also has a wide range of healthy options. We recommend their well-known Za’atar Halloumi and Fattoule Salad! Try it, you won’t regret it! 

All this food talk has gotten us hungry! Highlighting all these different types of delicious cuisines will make any small gathering worth it. Ultimately staying safe and sharing a delicious meal with loved ones on this special day is what really matters. Oh, and one more thing, make sure to take that Eid feast picture and share it online! 

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