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Self-Discipline: the Most Important Ingredient for Success

How disciplined are you? Do you think discipline is important, or do you tend to slack off during the day? For startups, it’s absolutely crucial. Here’s why.

Success in life and business requires focused self-discipline. Embracing discipline involves learning to be patient and responsible while leading a well-balanced life.

Starting and running a business demands a great deal of sacrifice and responsibility, both critical elements of success. Being disciplined offers you the tools you need to prioritize your business and the rest of your life, as all aspects of your lifestyle take a hit, and the need for balance is crucial at this stage.

Being disciplined requires a focused attitude that drives consistent application of hard work to get results. Discipline is the highest point of motivation, and involves a constant overcoming of the challenges we face on a daily basis.

In order to become disciplined, you must accept the fact that you are solely responsible for yourself and the situations in which you find yourself; and in doing so, you must exercise patience in order to appreciate the positive results you manifest.

“Discipline flows naturally into becoming a more action-oriented person.

Discovering truths about ourselves and our work along the way is also key. Remaining open to feedback, constructive or otherwise, requires that we take advantage of these situations and see them as opportunities to grow and correct our path toward our goals.

Being responsible is tough. It involves doing the right thing and keeping it together despite roadblocks, headaches, and the harshness of doing business. Accepting this as part of the journey is vital to moving on and accepting responsibility for our own failures and actions.

At the end of the day, no one will help us solve our problems—or get us out of issues—except ourselves. When we realize this, we are faced with a truth. We must confront our problems head-on, and still make it to the finish line before anyone else. Failing to assume responsibility simply slows us down.

Everyone wants their problems to be solved tomorrow or to see them miraculously disappear, but when we are faced with hardship, this is when our discipline is tested the most.

“The more I exercise and practice discipline, the more productive I become.

In an entrepreneurial environment, there’s a lot to be said just for showing up on time, ready to work and open to opportunities. Just meeting deadlines and daily commitments allows us the ability to get things done. In my case, the more disciplined I find myself, the more I magnetically attract clients, great contracts, and opportunities to my business.

I find it very much like a magic pill. The more I exercise and practice discipline, the more productive I become. Being self-disciplined also promotes focus upon a simple purpose, allowing me to be more productive. The truth of the matter is, the more disciplined I am, the more time I have in the day—and this is exactly the edge required for a startup to break into the market.

Discipline flows naturally into becoming a more action-oriented person. When you decide to do something, you simply have to follow through and complete the project—no matter what.


Wafa Al-Obaidat

Wafa is a contributor, creative director, columnist, and an entrepreneur. Feel free to follow her on @wafaobaidat