Ever seen something interesting on the web and have decided to read it or check it out later, but then it totally slipped your mind? Yep, we all know how distracting the internet could be, you’re constantly bombarded with cute cats and dogs videos, internet trolls, recipes and more: it’s impossible to stay on track sometimes! This is why you’re going to like Pocket!

Pocket is a web-based service available on desktops and smart phones and tablets, which allows you to save the articles or videos you want to check out later. You can download it as an extension on your browser, and there many mobile apps that have the Pocket feature built-in, such as Flipboard and Pulse, that allow you to bookmark your pages.

Pocket is not like bookmarking your content to read later. It’s different than bookmarking because, you can easily mark your links as read and it’d remove it from the list, avoiding clutter, unlike bookmarks that would stay there once you’re done reading them.

It’s a very useful service if you find yourself opening a lot of tabs wanting to read and watch many things, but don’t know how to manage and organise your time and the content you want to read.

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Pocket service is available for free on Apple Store and Google Play.

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