Looking for a method to manage your work and keep it organised? Having a hard time keeping up and remembering the tasks you have to do on a daily basis? This is where Trello comes to the rescue.

Trello is one of the leading project management tools, created by Fog Creek Software. It is accessible through your laptop, tablet and your smart phones. Trello is like a big board that you can add your tasks to it. To explain it simply: Imagine a board (which represents your project) and within that board, you can add in cards (which represents your tasks for the project). What’s the use of these cards? Well they contain lists of things that you need to do, and at the same time categorise for the project: you can add pictures, checklists, documents and more. You can even assign people to these cards/tasks through tagging them, and there’s also the option of adding a deadline to the task, which Trello reminds you off by sending you an email.

It also enables users to discuss and brainstorm for ideas or to comment with further suggestions. It keeps your entire staff informed through their task assignments, activity log, and email notifications.

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Trello is simple and lightweight. It’s pretty straightforward and customisable. After using it, your startup is going to be super organised and productive.

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