Learning and development strategy to institutionalize lifelong learning in organizations

Pawandeep Arora

The Learning & Development (L&D) landscape is rapidly evolving as organization digitally transform at an accelerated pace. L&D is now on the forefront of Talent Management Strategy and plays a pivotal role in talent attraction, talent development and enhance the overall employee experience.

A comprehensive and innovative L&D strategy is becoming a perquisite and Digital Learning Solutions is becoming the new normal, in addition to blended learning, executive education,  a high quality leadership development program and coaching by managers to support and transform learning culture of organizations.

Modern organizations of today’s era are creating learning-centered work cultures, which is fundamental to the growth and sustainability of business, while on the other hand allows for opportunities for the workforce to upskill & reskilling continuously.

These learning investments also elevates organizations to become “employer’s of choice”, as strategic L&D interventions turns to be a key distinguishing factors for engaging the existing workforce and to attract potential talent to be a part of organization that invests in employees personal and professional development.

The learning & development opportunities extended to the employees  brings much need competitive advantage to the organization, however the key factors that trigger learning in an organization and foster a learning culture are :

  • Executive endorsement and support from the leaders.
  • Reward and recognition for those who embrace continuous learning
  • A shift in mindset of leaders and managers that driving learning is not only HR’s roles but have to be deeply facilitated by managers.
  • And most importantly – The employees taking command of their own learning journey and be committed to learning and growing by being in the driving seat.
  • Therefore the role of L&D function becomes vital in the organization do develop workforce capabilities to overcome business challenges, be innovative, increase productivity and create a climate of growth and competitive spirit.

Further to cope up with the changing business needs, the organization has to adapt more agile approach to learning & development practices and need to ride the Digital Revolution tide to unleash the power of Digital Learning which extends flexible, impactful and measurable learning than ever before.

Fundamentally the approach to designing and delivering people-centric learning solutions that yield business returns remains unchanged; however the learning spectrum with the covid-19 has accelerated the digital learning in organizations.

While organizations would still continue to embrace the traditional Instructor led training practice, the new wave of digitalization and the cloud revolution have made learning more dispensable, easy to deploy and affordable than ever before, which again fall in favor of startups.

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On size fits is becoming a thing of the past , with emergence  of new  e-learning and virtual learning platforms, the employees is yearning for flexible learning to optimize their work life balance, the mobility features allows for learning to happen anywhere anytime and personalize learning options on the platforms allows to add the skills employee intend to hone, which make the learning more relevant by curating the contents based on individual skills development needs. 

These digital Learning platforms further extend the enormous benefits to organization as well,  by giving them much needs analytical abilities to recommend right programs align with the business to the workforce based on trends, identified training needs and competency development requirements .

Finally, organizations who believe and invest in institutionalizing lifelong learning will emerge stronger as “shapers of future” and startups are no exception to this mantra of success.

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