Here’s your roadmap to a COVID-friendly New Year’s Eve in Bahrain

Big events, celebrations, parties were postponed because of the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate! We can, just not in the same way we used to before. We know that COVID-19 changed a lot of things, but we can still celebrate, with a twist. 

If you are wondering how to spend your New Year’s Eve, we got your back! In fact, we’ll draw you a map for you to take a road trip on New Year’s Eve to have fun and enjoy. 

You can choose from Plan A or B to determine your road, let’s go! 

Plan A

To adapt with the new normal, our safety is the first thing to put in mind when it comes to planning. Prepare your mask, hand sanitizer, and keep in mind that you have to keep your social distance wherever you go to be safe and sound. 

Your first destination is a quick beach visit to let go of all bad energy of the year, negative thoughts, and instead, welcome positive and great plans for the next year. While you are at the beach, here’s an idea for you: watch the sunset with your loved ones and share one or two things you loved or achieved in 2020. Or you also can do it alone, bring a book or a journal and dot down your goals for next year. 

Next stop is something a little more active after all that chilling: a horse ride or cycling with Kashta Tours! This will surely be a refresher of the next destination, and with the weather being so gorgeous, we’re sure you’ll love it. 

If you’re a person who would rather sit at home, and have their own big space to lie down and share their snacks and comments with your family, the best thing to do is to choose home cinema. If this sounds like you, make a turn back home, and take your much needed break to watch a movie for around two hours, then be ready to get back on track with the rest of your awesome trip. 

Pro Tip: You can make your own place comfortable by adding a few fluffy pillows and a soft blanket. Don’t forget to make a room for your snacks! 

You can end your day by going for a fine dining experience, after booking your table from Eat app.

We can assure you that you will not regret considering plan A to be the way you want to spend your last day of 2020!

Plan B

Start your car engine, wear your seat belt, and let us drive you to our wanted destination. To enjoy your Plan B evening, you need a delicious meal or snack to start your trip. 

Say, what’s better than visiting the food truck area? If you’re wondering what’s the deal with it, it’s an area that’s dedicated entirely for food trucks in Bahrain; located next to Bahrain International Stadium. It has around 50 (yes, 50!) food trucks of all sorts of cuisines, beverages, snacks, and all that your tummy desires. You can make a stop anytime from 4 PM till midnight.  

Now that the food bit is covered, we can recharge before we start another activity that’s really fun for kids and adults as well: flying a kite! Let’s face it, it’s everyone’s favorite thing to do when the weather is lovely. 

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Buckle up and prepare your scissors and papers to customize your own kite with your kids (or you can just buy one) and be ready for the amazing experience. Maybe you can write down your worries and tie them to your kite, watch your worries float away. 

A few recommendations from yours truly: 

  1. Choose a place where the wind comes stronger, preferably an open area for you to be able to run.
  2. Wear your best comfortable shoes for running. 
  3. Fly the kite! Even if you couldn’t, at least you tried and had fun. 

Up next, put your car in reverse and head to the nearest exit, because what we’re going to do next will blow your mind.

Are you into water activities? if yes, here’s another similar idea if you don’t prefer the first one: you can go paddling with Beach Culture or choose one of their activities to do. All instructions and what is needed is mentioned in their website. You just have to have a look if it suits you and if you are up for it. 

Now STOP your engine, you won’t be needing your car for this one. 

If you are a person who prefers the home atmosphere you can always do an indoor activity, a BBQ night is favorite in alot of parties especially New Year’s Eve. Home made food is a must plus some appetizers if wished from your best restaurant, beverages, and setting the place with beautiful lights and tables. Of course there is nothing more precious than cherishing the amazing night with your small family waiting for the countdown. You can choose this plan to be light and short during the New Year’s Eve. 

If you have more suggestions about how to spend the new year’s, don’t hesitate to share them with us on our social media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedln

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