Are you the type that keeps forgetting their password? or had the misfortune of getting your account hacked because your password wasn’t as strong? This is why you will like LastPass.

LastPass is a password manager and a password generator that securely stores your passwords and any private information. It autofills your web browser and app logins, and generates new passwords for your accounts instantly, to avoid getting hacked. You can even login with one password to all of your Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook etc accounts instead of having different ones for each.

Oh and if your devices are synced, everything you save on one of your devices will be instantly available on the other. Additionally, LastPass has a two-factor authentication which is a security verification process whereby it notifies your account if some other device is using it.

Even if you’re about to create a new password, LastPass automatically offers to generate a strong one for you to use. It creates a 12-character password that includes capital letters, small letters and numbers.

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LastPass is available as a plugin on web browsers such as Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, and it’s also available on Apple Store and Google Play for free.

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