Investors can be pretty hesistant about investing their money into some startups. They’re unsure if it’s going to be successful, or doesn’t trust that this is investment is going to maximize their revenues, or just generally don’t believe in the potential of startup businesses. This is why David S. Rose, founder of Gust provides you with a complete guide about Angel Investing.

In his book “Angel Investing: The Gust Guide to Making Money and Having Fun Investing in Startups” Rose provides his readers with a comprehensive, entertaining guide that will walk people through every step into becoming a successful angel investor.

His book includes a number of stories from 90+ companies that Rose himself invested in throughout his 25 year career. Since he’s greatly experienced in this field, he adds his perspective about it and includes instructions on how bussiness angels can get started, how to find and evaluate opportunities and know when’s the right time to invest your money. He also outlines the advantages of joining an angel group, and explains seed ventures and how it can help leverage an investor’s resources.

After reading this book, you’ll know how to negotiate fair deals, add value to your company’s porfolio and learn how to implement smart exit strategies.

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This book costs around 6 BD and is available on Amazon.

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