Here are 6 reasons why you should enroll your employee at Tamkeen’s International Placement Program

Whether it’s in China, South Africa, Switzerland or the United States of America, good news to wanderlusts, Tamkeen can send you off to any country you always wanted to visit AND get a chance to work there. Yep, you heard right.

We talked to Amal Sanad, Enterprise & Advisory Relations at the Customer Engagement & Support Department in Tamkeen, about the International Placement Program, one of the coolest programs Tamkeen offers. She let us in some interesting insights on how employers in Bahrain can make use of this program.

    1. A business can never be a one man’s show. Everyone knows that it’s simply impossible to run a business without the help of your employees. This is where Tamkeen comes in with the aim of supporting employers in the private sectors to improve their productivity and efficiency by encouraging the growth of their own employees. And what better way to do that than to provide them with a unique opportunity to gain international experience and exposure by working abroad?
    2. It sharpens your skills AND looks good on your resume. The program provides exposure to international work experience which in turn strengthen the employee’s leadership competencies, knowledge, skills and experiences “to be groomed into executive and managerial roles and positions,” Amal tells us. “This initiative could potentially stimulate further foreign direct investment, making Bahrainis the employee of choice, and Bahrain a more desirable investment market,” she adds.
    3. Companies can register as many employees as they desire. According to Amal, Tamkeen tries to have its doors open to all employees, such that everyone benefits from this program. However, it all depends on the company and how many employees they’re willing to send at the same time. Since the minimum duration of the job placement program is from 2 months up to 12 months, it could be challenging for private companies to send their employees when they require their full-time presence at the workplace.
    4. It covers -nearly- everything! Tamkeen covers 80% of your Travel expenses, (including tickets, visa, settling cost, and insurance), Monthly compensation (living expenses, transportation, and accommodation). The rest of the 20% is paid by the company itself.
    5. You can go anywhere for 12 months, literally! There a long list of countries that you can go to, whether it’s in the GCC, Asia, Africa, Europe, The United States. Literally everywhere! You can check out the list of countries here. Employees can work in any country for a minimum of 2 months and a maximum of 12 months.
    6. Who says no to learning a new language? Yep, you heard right. Tamkeen provides funding for language courses as long as the training takes place during the placement program and the language must be the language most used in the country where the employee is at.  

The program is open to anyone, whether a fresh graduate or not, as long as they’re Bahraini and is holding a Bachelor Degree, registered in social insurance with a minimum salary of BD 500 with a long-term full-time contract and not on their probation period.

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You can read more about the program here. If you’re interested in applying, you can contact Tamkeen through 17383333 or via email .Make sure you follow Tamkeen on their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn to stay up to date with their programs and upcoming events.

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